Its not my hand in the box . . .

ROFL — anyone who has been in the store knows that if someone is looking for something and its in the box in the back, I don’t hesitate to open it and let them go through the box.  But, one time, Susan was in the middle of inventory and when I opened a particular box, there was a note in there that my hand might come to some harm if I touched what was under the note — all done in good fun, mind you.  So now the joke is who’s hand is going to be harmed if I open that box . . . well, this one isn’t me folks.  This is Susan herself fondling the baby alpaca from Windy Hills Alpaca Farm.  This is one time I wish I had a video going as she is oohing and awing over the feel of the Baby Gracie.  I believe the direct quote is “it is such a rich, deep brown and if it wasn’t so fuzzy, I’d lick it” (her favorite treat is dark chocolate). So, good luck finding it online because she also said “this is what is going home with me.”  We have four baby alpacas’ first shearing.  Here’s your sneak peak . . .

Windy Hills Alpaca yarn

more to come at https://knittingtoday.com/go.mvc?ID=whalpaca

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