Good friends and finish it February

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Read to the bottom for details.

What do good friends do for you? I have friends who pray for me, and with me, and who encourage me when i’m down. I’m thankful for each and every one of my friends. Right now though, I have to give a shout out to a special friend who recognizes when i’m feeling blocked and overloaded and takes steps to help. How?

First, she comes in and makes me pull out all the projects? It took two tables!

Then she makes me make decisions! Scrap it? Okay, that’s a relatively small number of projects scrapped. Only seven.


Then, return for others to enjoy until I can get to them on my list, then I can re-buy. That’s eleven projects! I take that back, I walked around to the other side and there are three more = 14!


Which leaves us with “the list”. And this …




Then … look at the list!. There are twenty-eight lines on “the list”, only three of which do not count. That means I have twenty-five wip projects! Eek!

I knew I had too many, but really? These are projects I need to finish or want to finish, and well, wow! [note to self, remember this count does not include the boxes in the kitchen area that we put away last time we did a sort through — she’s going to be merciless with those!]

Thanks so much, Lisa! And you know the best part? Last night before going home, we identified two things to work on.

1. Block the Miralda’s shawl — text at 7 this morning “put the book away and block the shawl”. Reading fluff is my escape. Yes, I got up and blocked the shawl sans blocking wires which are at MIA. We have six skeins of this yarn, Domy Heather, I’ll be putting on a private sale. It’s squishy, heathery and woolly and I love it! I don’t want to pass it along, but the good news is I found a source and can get more!!!!



2. Socks – deadline Saturday for class. One inch per day. Pictures later since I left that project home while I do my paperwork on my day off.

So, there is a little insight into what it is like as the yarn store owner. Start the next project, put it down, start the next project, put it down, ad nauseum. What are your projects? Can you beat my number? What’s your plan of attack? I had the top ten list a while back. I have two organizers, ten bins and will use those to have everything at hand, as soon as I get over the shock of having 25 current wip! Oh my!

Comment here or on Facebook for a chance to win a hank of Domy Heather, the yarn I used on the shawl, choice of one of four colors. We’ll draw a random name next wednesday.

Tell me:

1. how many wip,

2. what is your top three,

3. and your plan…


35 thoughts on “Good friends and finish it February”

  1. Five pairs of socks, on second sock for two of those and first sock for the other three
    One pair of fingerless mitts – on second mitt
    One pair of mittens – on second mitten [for the past three years]
    One bunny – in the body section [for past 4 years – time to frog!]
    One Color Affection shawl – in section three
    One Baktus shawl – about to be frogged and knit as a Wingspan
    One Rockefeller shawl – about to be frogged and yarn reclaimed.

    I think that’s it. 11 WIPS, with 3 needing frogging.

    Nope – just remembered the car knitting – one more pair of socks –
    So 12 WIPS.

    Top 3
    Color Affection
    Second socks

    Plan is to just keep knitting, just keep knitting, and not casting on for a new project!

    1. I have 1 wip….1 socks…2 mittens…3 totebag. 1 bag needs felted….many others i need to decide what order to finish.

  2. 1. cable sweater
    2. fingerless gloves
    3. doggie sweater
    4. scarf for grand daughter
    5. shawl
    6. prayer shawl
    7. snowmen
    8. knitted babes
    9. purse
    10.lamb purse

    My top 3 are: the cable sweater (meet with Lea-Ann in two weeks for sizing), the shawl, and purse. I think in order to accomplish the completion of these projects I will quit working and spend days knitting. LOL. Well, actually, I guess I just need to keep working and adjust the goals….Maybe I will plan to wear the sweater and shawl NEXT winter. I could possibly use the purse next fall~~~Happy knitting! 🙂

  3. natalie mcalughlin

    Well i have two levels of WIP… first level is on my attack list.
    1. socks
    2. double knit cowl
    3. Baby cape
    4. shawl with Christmas at Downtown yarn

    Next level are things I have given up on.. ie in the corner of the room. they are coming out one by one after I finish the first 4… well that’s the plan anyway…

  4. I only have seven wip, which is really good for me. My top three are:
    1) Ayako
    2) Tee for Two – which will be frogged and either re-knit to fit or yarn used for the Mermaid Tee
    3) Lovely purple socks

    My plan of attack is to…. start the Swirl sweater.

    Wait for it……

    Wait for it…..

    Start the Swirl sweater. I know, I know. Not exactly what you had in mind!

  5. Who ever heard of a yarn store owner having a yarn stash? You have a whole store to choose from. I’m so proud of you!

  6. I counted 22 unfinished projects. I thought I had more
    Control than that. I think I got bored or stuck and just quit. 6 sweaters , 3 shawls,3 pair of toe up socks- various methods , fingerless mitts , a slouch hat with I-cord trim , 4 scarves, one shell , one vest still in balls and the list continues

  7. I have 22 UFOs….

    Two sweaters that are top of the list for finishing
    One baby sweater that just needs buttons

    Two pairs of socks in relative time out (about to start travelling for work again and they are great on planes)

    The rest…probably need a good review for viability….but again I say – two sweaters that need to get done before the travel madness starts again!

  8. I’ll try this again, I have 5 WIP, and a lot of stash, that is waiting for me to dream up a project. 3 sweaters,1 hat, 1 shawl. One sweater Dr. Lea-Ann is helping to re-design medallion on back so it will be wearable and also finished. I have 1 frogged sweater that yarn needs to be reclaimed. The ball winder will help w/ getting that done. The hat will be finished first, as I am so close. But, am within just a short space of time until I start Knit Swirl sweater!! Starting is the best part of project.

  9. I think I’m at about 15 and I have over 100 in my Ravelry queue and have a stash to match!

    1. Plain hat. It’s for a class I’m taking so it’s at the top of the list. It’s small and portable so I take it with me.

    2. A Snood for my greyhound. It’s like a hood/turtleneck for a very skinny dog in 18 degree Wisconsin winter. It won’t probably get done before winter’s over, but he’ll need it next year too!

    3. A beaded shawl (Stellanti by Laura Nelkin) that is a more long term project because it is my first time working with beads but it’s a gorgeous design with beautiful yarn and requires concentration.

  10. Knit wip….7 sewn 12…..paint …5. Top three are a shawl, mittens, and a table. I plan to tackle them ALL two a week, until finished.

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