Did you get your vote on?

I did!  Right after I dropped Sarah off at school I went to my precinct, expecting a longer than usual line.  I was a bit surprised to find that although there were people there, there was no line.  Only three of the eight booths were filled (four once I sat down).  It was steady while I was there but never a line.  Did anyone have to wait longer than usual?  Just me being curious. 

 I am looking forward to political advertisment free television/radio/newspapers.  Regardless of who wins I will definitely be glad when it’s all said and done and I can knit in peace.  – Susan

 UPDATE:  I talked to my hubby Tues. night and apparently I lucked out and got there at just the right time because he said there was a line when he got there of about 10 people and by the time he was done it had grown to right around 30 people. 

2 thoughts on “Did you get your vote on?”

  1. I was in and out in 5 minutes. My husband got in line at 5:20 am and was 11th. I, too, will be SOOOO glad not see politcal announcements and be able to watch the new again with out all that garbage on it.

  2. I picked up my daughter and we went together. In line at 7:55 and back in the car at 8:25. our line was longer than usual, but moving pretty well. I’m so over those political ads that I’m now jumping for joy.
    Now if the stock market would just straighten up.

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