November feet!

susan’s feet   Check out the picture of my feet.   Big deal, you say?  It is a big deal because these are my feet on November 6th!  Notice that I am wearing flip flops as my feet are surrounded by the fallen leaves.  Don’t you just love it when a simple blessing like warm weather in November falls into your lap?

I am not fooled though… I know the cold is coming.  I’m knitting my hubby a warm, wooly hat because he has decided that he’s going to continue shaving his head through the winter.  We’ll see how long he makes it.  🙂

Happy Fall- Susan

3 thoughts on “November feet!”

  1. It is so nice outside that it is colder inside so I am bundled up sitting on the couch crocheting booties. Go figure…..

    I think tomorrow starts the cool down, darn!

  2. HAH! Susan isn’t wearing flip flops now. Its only 30 degrees and spitting snow now and then . . . she’s wearing a warm wool sweater, socks and boots! Maybe next year she won’t jinx us . . . Lea-Ann

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