One Skein Easy Project 6

We have been planning to talk about socks on this blog. When you think of it, you either have frustration because of the techniques, needles (lots of them), the size of those needles, or something! But we found a pattern in the Knitting Today! Magazine April/May 2011 that would be cute socks for anyone to understand.

This pattern is featured on page 13 called Happy feet.  It’s a one skein project which surprises me! It takes one ball of Regia Softy Color.  These socks  are more like the sporty kind, not a big cuff. There is an optional pom-pom.

If you have someone in mind that loves fuzzy socks, this what you want to make for them! I got fuzzy socks last Christmas and loved them! They kept my feet so warm in boots and running around the house. Washing them was the tricky part.

A great thing to do after knitting this would to add some Heel foot cream (only available in scentless at this time) to your gift. Makes a perfect gift to help smooth out those dry parts on your feet for the “I’m-pampered” feel. To wash them, try the product Soak, a no-rinse wash like Eucalan. Some amazing scents we have in stock of Soak. It’ll give them a fresh feel and a cleaner look instead of putting them in the washer and dryer. It makes them all staticky and weird looking. Hand-washing is the best way to go, at least in my opinion. If you don’t want to hand wash because it takes time out of your day, go ahead and put them in the washer and dryer (see ball band).

Hope you decided to make these socks for someone! Don’t forget to buy these items for us. Each one has a link to our website page and the product!


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