and the project comes together . . . 2nd Time cotton and Hey, Teach!

Sometimes it takes a while for the correct elements to come together.  Do you know what I mean?  I’ve had my eye on the 2nd Time Cotton for a long, long time and absolutely refused to get rid of it because I just knew the perfect project would come along.  Well, Helene Rush the owner of Knit One, Crochet Too has done it.  She designed “hey, Teach!” for knitty.com.  The best thing about the pattern is it is upsized 55″ and I can’t believe it wouldn’t look good on anyone.  The pattern can be found here:


And, it is designed for 2nd Time Cotton, which can be ordered here:


Hey teach from knitty.com

2 thoughts on “and the project comes together . . . 2nd Time cotton and Hey, Teach!”

  1. is this for you? it would look great on you!
    if not, why not? and what color? i pick the pale green for you, not that you asked…but when has that ever stopped me? ha!

  2. they have a new green out that I would love to buy too 🙁 . . . but I think I might go with the pink on the far left as it has a strand of green too. Thanks for commenting! Lea-Ann

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