adjusting to new routines

Yes, it happens every fall, but this one is poignant. My littlest child has her own car! That means I no longer have the title of “transportation provider”. I can reorder my days to fit my needs!  Has this happened to you yet?  So, first question, I’ve been closed on Wednesdays since I opened the store (so Trent and I could spend the day on field trips at Shipshewana or Maplewood Nature Center when he homeschooled), should I be open on Wednesday and closed on another day? If so, which day should I be closed?  And, I can’t remember when I started closing at 4, maybe its been that way since I’ve opened TEN years ago because that’s when the bus dropped them off (Haley was in Kindergarten at the time!!!). So, is it time to be open until 5, or even 6? Its time to make some changes . . . I’m making plans suitable for the next five years. Look for some great sales, giveaways, events, etc.!! Give me your feedback.

P.S. Just found a scrapbook page on the old website: https://knittingtoday.com/scrapbook.html — look at this picture of Haley peaking around my elbow — OH MY!

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