What are your hobbies?

I’m curious . . do you only hand knit? Do you machine knit too? What about weaving, spinning, tatting, crochet? What fiber-y pursuits do you enjoy. If more than one, rank from most to least in the amount of time or pleasure it brings.

If we have 10 people comment, I’ll give away a Knit Happy tumbler. If we have quilters post and tell us about your quilting, I’ll enter you in a separate giveaway for a Quilt Happy notebook.  Comments close in one week, (10/19).


9 thoughts on “What are your hobbies?”

  1. My first is knitting then a distant second is crochet. These two are the ones I focus on these days but I used to do counted cross stitch also. Have not tatted since I took a class but I think that would be nice to get into more if I was closer to someone who could help.

  2. I knit — machine and hand! Have 3 sizes of machines and every size hand needles. I also sew, machine embroider and quilt, and try any sort of craft at least once. They ALL give me pleasure. Lately, I’ve only been able to think about them! LOL!

  3. My first love is hand knitting ….but I also weave, on small looms and i have a 6ft. Tri- loom….Needle felting is really fun and i like crocheting and i am still trying to learn tatting…I wanted to spinn but the roving bothered my contacts…so I let others do that and just enjoy doing something with the finished product.

  4. I love hand knitting, quilting, especially hand appliqué, taking care of my parrots, and volunteering, primarily at my church. I find hand knitting the most relaxing. Knitting and volunteering bring me the most pleasure.

  5. What are my hobbies? My friends tease me and ask if there’s NOTHING I can’t do. I like everything – crocheting, machine knitting, basket weaving, cross stitching, painting, sewing, quilting (I have a trip around the world quilt hanging on the wall in my craft room), jewelry making, woodworking, card making, cake decorating. I would LOVE to try weaving! I saw a large floor loom at the state fair in NY and fell in love after the weaver let me “give it a whirl”.

    The one thing I can’t seem to figure out is hand knitting!!! I have not one, but FOUR incredible sweater machines (they’re grafted together to make one MONSTER machine for making blankets) but can’t seem to manage a pair of size 9 needles to knit one little girl’s purse.

    If I had to rate them in order of favoriteness….it would be:

    1. crochet
    2. quilting
    3. cake decorating
    4. card making
    5 basket weaving

  6. Yes I love to knit, but I am taking a break at the moment and learning to make t-shirt quilts for my kids. I’m also crocheting a silly reindeer scarf for the holidays. I love trying most anything new that involves handwork!

  7. Let’s see: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, card making, scrapbooking, reading. I’ve been spending the most time lately on my knitting. It seems like there is always somebody wanting something. Right now I have a baby afghan in the works, a lace shawl out of Regia lace that is the bane of my existence (restarted something like 20 times, and ripped out rows about 1/2 that). I am also restarting a shawl of of handmaiden sea silk and some socks. I haven’t been very interested in socks since I started a pattern, and didn’t like it. I’m beginning the think my knitting mojo is lacking!

  8. I love to hand knit, machine knit, weave, and crochet. I have strayed into jewelry making and working with Fimo clay. I enjoy sewing and I am contemplating making a quilt incorporating machine embroidered motifs.

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