Update: Cleopatra

Tara is progressing on Cleopatra and I have no doubt now that she’ll have it done in time for fair July 10!!  When did she cast on?  A mere seven days ago?  She’s binding off for the underarm and back shaping right now.  Go Tara!!  Oh, and lest I forget that there is another daughter knitting for Fair, Haley is finishing the fingers on her second fingerless glove using Ty-Dy Sock Grapevine (too bad we didn’t have the Camouflage colorway when she started, she would use them for hunting gloves!). 


1 thought on “Update: Cleopatra”

  1. A. Warped, Knitter

    Good work, Tara and Haley. I’m sure both of you will do well at the fair again this year.

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