UFO Night – February 7, 2008, 6pm-?

Plans on attending UFO Night tomorrow night.  Weather permitting, the Knitting Today UFO contingent will gather with their unfinished objects, snacks, and show and tell for a night of knitting, door prizes, food, fun and movies.  There will be some yarn tasting as well since we have some new spring yarns in.   The movie is a technique I’m not all that familiar with — double knitting, from Lucy Neatby — so am anxious to spend some time with some yarn/needles/friends and learn something new . . . if anyone would like to come, you need to preregister by calling the store at 260-351-2260.  If the roads are slick — its an automatic cancellation, I don’t want anyone on the roads if its bad out.  We start at 6:00 pm and run until ????  But, we can’t stay out too late because we have the mitered knitting class bright and early Saturday morning.  Oh, cost is $10 for the night.   Lea-Ann

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