Caps for Kids “Kick-Off” / Superbowl Sunday

And the challenge is on:  http://journals.aol.com/thersatlb/theresa-knits/entries/2008/01/26/update-and-pictures/2296

With Theresa’s help last year, we donated over 300 hats to our local elementary school and charities.  Thank you!! 

 Join us Sunday, February 3, from noon to 6 to Kick Off our Caps for Kids program.  We have a great time visiting and catching up with our out-of-town friends as well as seeing what percent off they get on their football 🙂 . . .  by the time kick-off rolls around, we have a great start on our hat (and other) projects.   

And, there are also great savings in the line-up:  Download the postcard [in case it isn’t obvious, click the word postcard and the download should start, its a .pdf] and bring it in to exchange when you checkout for a football.  The football has a % off written on it and can be anywhere from 10-50%.  Its great fun seeing who gets what [no peeking either!]. 

Keep on knitting!  Lea-Ann

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  1. I cheated this year. Last year I got only 10% discount so this year I wanted a guaranteed 20%, so I wore my ‘jammies’ into the store on Saturday. A second factor was that I also got everything plus extra of what I wanted. I was kind and left a few Smooshy for some other lucky sock knitter. I did all my shopping after viewing the web site so Susan, Lea-Ann and Haley did a good job of getting the new product input into the computer then distributed around the store. Evil critters, those computers sometimes, but they do make shopping easier. Went down to Ft. Wayne and visited the new shops. In my opinion one was better than the other but the three stores all have such different product that there is room for all of the stores. Off to fondle my new yarn and finish old projects because that is the rule for 2008, finish something old before starting something new.

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