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Today’s the day we leave for Indy so we can settle in and get an early night’s rest before Tom’s cancer surgery at 7:45 am on 2/13/2020. We need to be at the hospital by 5:30!

I’ve checked a lot off my to-do list: cancelled mail, alerted the neighbors to watch the house and store, closed the website, vacation hold on ebay, closed Amazon.

And, now we hurry up and wait until morning.

Here’s the link to check in on current status for Tom, if you want to follow along. It just makes it easier for me to update in one place instead of remembering who has been told and what. Thank you for understanding and praying for us all.


You all know he has stood beside me for 26 years in business at Knitting Today. He has set up displays, rearranged the store front to back, cleaned, put on a porch, ran the register and even taught our neighbor booths how to knit at Stitches Midwest. He’s my rock and my helpmeet. Right now he has no pain, no obvious signs of a disease ravaging his insides. That is why this cancer is usually not found until it is stage 4 and inoperable. God’s got this.

6 thoughts on “Tom’s surgery update info”

  1. So sorry for everything you are going through. Thought and prayers are with tomorrow for surgery. God is always in control even when we don’t know the reason things happen.

    1. Lea-Ann @ Knitting Today

      Thanks Kelly. My dad has esophageal 26 years ago. I’ll add you both to my prayers. Tom’s is ampullary.

  2. I am saying a daily prayer for you Tom…..I pray for remission….these things do happen! God bless you and your family!

    1. Lea-Ann @ Knitting Today

      We have definitely been in contact with many who have this type of cancer who have lived more than 10 years. We’re believing in God’s soveriegn plan.

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