The Sock Drawer – sad, sad, sad

pictures of socks ready for wearing

Sad, I know. Only five pair of wearable socks for the season! And, notice how many of them have blue? I’m wearing mainly brown and khaki right now. Oh, you noticed? There are six pair on the drawer? Well, that end one, it sports a hole in the toe and several in the heel area. I think the pair is done for, kapoot, beyond repair. Repair, you say? Yes, we do have darning eggs, but evidentally not on the website yet :(. But, back to pair #6. Boohoo! My favorite, I’ve been wearing yearly for about 16 years!! Yes, I wish I knew what brand that was. It had a card of reinforcing thread tucked in the ballband and it was a German brand, if I’m not mistaken. It’ll come to me or I’ll find that reinforcing card somewhere. I did reinforce the heel area, but it turns out the back of the heel is where I wear my socks out. And the toe itself if not the ball. Now I know where to reinforce as I knit and I’m apt to doublestrand my yarn just for those sections since I now use the Sweet Tomato Heel and short row toes. Lest you think I have no more sock yarn to knit with, let me assure you I have three pair started sitting next to my desk and a half dozen balls of yarn in a box that is going home with me to be popped onto the knitting machine for the tubular sections. My feet WILL be warm this winter!

How many pair do you have ready to wear??

How many are you going to knit before freeze?

What is your favorite sock yarn of all time?

1 thought on “The Sock Drawer – sad, sad, sad”

  1. I have seven pairs ready to wear, one that I can wear but I should take the cuff bind off out and knit the cuff a little longer and then bind off much much much looser, and four that are in time out waiting to be darned. Two of those four were knit from Dream In Color Smooshy therefore no more socks knit from that yarn. Darn as it is so nice to work with too. Another of the four is the ones Lynn knit for me before I left and those just need a little reinforcement while the fourth is Mountain Colors sock that you had a class on to learn to do two at a time back in 2007 and there is a hole in the sole area by the toes. No thinning or anything just a hole so who knows what happened. These have been in time out for some time now and I even have the darning egg and extra yarn just have not taken the time to do the work. Amazingly here in west Texas wearing wool socks and just a sweat shirt is all you need when the days get to the 50s with plenty of sunshine.

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