Ten Days To Completion

I took the day yesterday and road to Fort Wayne on a shopping errand with Tara since her classes were canceled.  First, we met up at the coffee shop in Kendallville with Lyn, who showed us her all-finished-but-the-ends pullover that she started — did you hear me, she started on superbowl sunday! That was the 5th, folks.  We saw Lyn on the 15th. That was ten days to knit a hooded pullover! Size 9 needles,  Plymouth Tweed, Knitting Pure and Simple pattern. I hoped to get pictures while we were out and about but I forgot, urgh. How long does it take you to knit a sweater?


And look at the new addition to the store! HiyaHiya Sharps! Come on in and try them out.

2 thoughts on “Ten Days To Completion”

  1. Zoiks! More like 10 months or 10 years for me! However, I did knit up a little EZ Surprise jacket last night. When I got my machine a year ago, I started knitting sweaters for my 4 granddaughters – no need to swatch – any size fits someone! I am just now knitting the button band on the largest size, and the 4 year old grew out of the one I had made for her, but no worries! The two year old fits it nicely! I decided the 4yo (now a 5yo 🙂 ) deserved a little sweater for her dolly, so I made the SJ on the LK150 as the pattern is written for a bulky and VOILA’ I have a dolly sweater. Now, to increase for the 5yo and I’m GOLDEN!!! Yah for ME!!!! B

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