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Hippie Penguin Fibers, as promised

I promised them by Monday, and here they are!  Each yarn is pictured below, with the colors listed (from left to right) beside each picture.  We have only what is pictured, so this is how it’s going to work.  Check here for color availability, order online and then reply to the confirmation email letting us know what color you would like.  We will update as each color is sold so you will know which yarns are still available.

Hippie Penguin Fibers - Roving


  • Color 1 – bright pink,orange,blue
  • Color 2 – light pink,orange,purple
  • Color 3 – turquoise,purple,blue – SOLD
  • Color 4 – red,pink,purple,green
  • Color 5 – purples,greens
  • Color 6 – turquoise,blue


Hippie Penguin Fibers Sock Yarn

Sock Yarn:

  3.5 oz/ 360 yards;  

75%Superwash wool/25% Nylon

  • Color 1 – blue,orange,violet,greens– SOLD
  • Color 2 – reds,purples – SOLD
  • Color 3 – orange,dark purple,teal 
  • Color 4 – purples,blue,orange
  • Color 5 – gold,greens,white– SOLD


Hippie Penguins Fibers Cashmere

Cashmere: 1.75 oz./200yards; 100% Cashmere

  • Color 1 – mostly purple,little green 
  • Color 2 – mostly purple,very little green
  • Color 3 – green,purple mix
  • Color 4 – green,purple mix
  • Color 5 – mostly green,very little purple
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spring fever? summer tops?

its coming, spring that is, and i am itching to clean and organize and start more new projects. not a good thing for someone who has 26 projects on their list! can we say overwhelmed? i know, its time for another to ten list….I’ll get to that as I organize later.   Right now, though, a sneak peak at what susan will be doing during the week ….

Cotton Classic Lite


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what to knit on a quick trip



it was a hard choice, socks or something new? when the box arrived, i knew it would be something new. yep, it is half crepe from mountain colors and I’m making a one skein shawl. easy, lovely colors, nice drape. If Susan doesn’t have the other colors online yet, she will soon.

btw, when given the option I always start a new project. Just need more UFO nights.

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I promise I’ll wash them . . .

before I put them back on display <ewwhhh>, but I couldn’t help myself.  My feet were COLD this morning and I don’t have a pair of socks at home to wear since they are all at the store so I swiped a pair off the display!  Here they are:

Bungee Plain Vanilla Sock 

And, on the foot, in the shoe:

Bungee Sock In the Shoe

And, here’s the currently available colors:

 Bungee Colors

Click the picture to go to to order your yarn.  We’ll throw in the plain vanilla sock pattern with your purchase!

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Silky Wool — Bee-u-ti-ful

silky wool - new colors

I’m enjoying the new colors of spring arriving in the store, Cotton Classic from Tahki Yarns, Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold, Ty-Dy from Knit One, Crochet Too . . . they all make me wish the grass was greener and the sun a little warmer but in the meantime, I can dream and start knitting on my summer projects (well, after I finish another Top Ten project!), but I can dream right?  Here’s the link to all our colors in stock: Link to Silky Wool at

And, that isn’t all, Elsebeth Lavold came up with a book that utilizes these bright colors in some innovative ideas:  Elsebeth Lavold Book Seventeen – Small Things Matter

P.S.  Don’t forget Tom’s FCCTCC contest —

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I recall saying once….

that I would never be one of those crazy women with a “stash” of yarn just sitting around.  I know…. how absurd to even think it possible.  I was reminded of this comment this weekend when my son snapped at me “Why is there more yarn on my dresser?  Can’t you put it somewhere else?”.  In my defense, his dresser is in the dining room because we are remodeling the entire upstairs (it is completely gutted at the moment) so it’s not like I ventured into his private chamber to plop my yarn onto his dresser.  It was the closest flat surface when I unloaded the bag.  To answer his question- No, there isn’t anywhere else to put my yarn.  I had already covered his sister’s dresser with a bag and a tub; the extra dining room chair has a bin of Cascade 220 and fun fur waiting to be turned into Alpine Boots – not to mention the several bags of already started projects strewn about the house.  What to do with all this yarn that is turning my children against me?  Well, I had a brainstorm while packing up the summer clothes in one of those giant Space Bags.  I admit that I have some yarn that I have no idea, at this point in time, what it will someday become so why not throw it in with the clothes and vacuum seal it?  Yep, that’s what I did.   Won’t it be fun next spring to open up that “box” of clothes to find that delicious yarn just waiting for me?   And as a bonus my son can stop whining at me.


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Sale Yarns!!!

Okay, all you bargain shoppers!  Check out the Yarn Sale category…. we’ve cleaned our shelves for the new fall yarns that will be coming in soon.  If you see something you want, you’d better pounce on it because it won’t last long!

Just an FYI…. Silky Cashmere has been discontinued.  What we have is what we have, so if you’ve been on the fence now is the time to snap it up.  At 50% off do you really have a good excuse not to get some?  I thought not! 🙂

Happy Summer and Happy Shopping!