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Hippie Penguin Fibers, as promised

I promised them by Monday, and here they are!  Each yarn is pictured below, with the colors listed (from left to right) beside each picture.  We have

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spring fever? summer tops?

its coming, spring that is, and i am itching to clean and organize and start more new projects. not a good thing for someone who

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what to knit on a quick trip

it was a hard choice, socks or something new? when the box arrived, i knew it would be something new. yep, it is half crepe

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testing upload of pictures

The uploading of pictures is not working with the new layout so I’m giving it a try here . . . you can ignore unless

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Silky Wool — Bee-u-ti-ful

I’m enjoying the new colors of spring arriving in the store, Cotton Classic from Tahki Yarns, Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold, Ty-Dy from Knit One,

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I recall saying once….

that I would never be one of those crazy women with a “stash” of yarn just sitting around.  I know…. how absurd to even think

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Sale Yarns!!!

Okay, all you bargain shoppers!  Check out the Yarn Sale category…. we’ve cleaned our shelves for the new fall yarns that will be coming in soon.  If you

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