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Free Pattern for Ty-Dy

Mermaid Tee - 1734

The new patterns from Knit One, Crochet Too are in stock!  I am partial to the Mermaid Tee; I think it would be figure flattering for most body types, and I just like the way it looks.  You knit this swingy little tee in strips (ten for the body and three for each sleeve) and then join the strips using the three needle bind off technique.  Notice how that gives a little extra pop between the strips?  The thought of not having to seam is appealing to me as well.  See all the new Knit One, Crochet Too patterns by clicking on the link to Ty-Dy yarn below.

Now, to get to the real reason you are reading this post- the free pattern! 

Lucia Tee - Free Pattern!

The pattern is a sweet, feminine top called the Lucia Tee and is available with the purchase of Ty-Dy yarn.  It is knit in the round which is a bit unusual for Helene, and a nice treat for us.  I think it’s absolutely adorable.  It is a relatively simple knit, suitable for advanced beginners and should be quick enough to have done before summer really kicks in.  Interested?  Click on the pattern link above to find out how much yarn you will need; choose a color and place an order.  You will be offered the pattern for free during the check-out process.  We are working on re-stocking the yarn; if you wish to order a color that is low on stock please call us (1-800-426-5098 or 260-351-2260) and tell us what color you need and we’ll make sure we get enough to fill your order.  Just a little head’s up- Ty-Dy prices are going up in July!  That includes all members of the Ty-Dy family.  Anything you order before then will be filled at the current price, but please do make sure to get your order in soon.

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Short Row Pennants

Knit One Crochet Too - Short Row Pennants

You know how sometimes you see a pattern and think “eh, it’s okay, but I’m not sure it’s for me” and then you see it done up and it completely changes your mind?  Happens to me all the time, and it happened again when Lyn brought in the Short Row Pennants cardigan from Knit One, Crochet Too, knit in Ty-Dy Wool color 1745 Grapes.  Lovely.  (I think I would probably lean towards Minerals or Stormy Seas, myself.)    The yoke is a K1,P1 rib and the bodice is comprised of 5 pennants. 

Short Row Pennants - Back

The sleeves also have 5 pennants, beginning at the wrist, topped off with a stockinette sleeve cap.   I really like how the few rows of garter stitch between the pennants provides just a bit of extra definition.  I especially like the back, as the pennants go across the entire piece. You can get the full effect, and the striping works well with the width of the pennants.  Doesn’t it look cool?  I can’t help but think that the design would be kind to one’s figure, what with the color play confusing the eye and all that. 

Lest you be thinking that you are done with wool for now, thank you anyway, we have two new colors of Ty-Dy Cotton. There are new patterns on the way, as well. Just in time for warmer weather.  We’ll let you know as soon as they arrive.

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So close to being done

"Tee for Two" in Blueberry Fields

I have not had near enough time to knit recently.  I planned on getting more done last week, but when the sweet corn is ready, it’s ready.  I like to put up lots of sweet corn, so I took two days off of everything else and did nothing but corn.  The second round should be ready late this week so I have to knit like crazy the next few nights.  Doesn’t it drive you mad when you are so close to finishing a project only to be too busy to knit.  It’s almost enough to make me cuss.  Anyway, I have maybe three inches to go before beginning the second sleeve and then it’s a pretty quick round and round and ready for the trim.

I have tweaked just a bit and did a three needle bind-off on the first side and knit the sleeve in the round.  So much easier than seaming when finished.  I am not a big fan of seaming and I like the idea of being done when I’m done.  I am going to take out the last few rows of the sleeve and do it over on a smaller needle.  I think my gauge loosened when I went to purl and I don’t like how loose/big the sleeve ends. 

Anybody notice the coffee mug in the background?  That’s the newest from Knit Happy, the Bright Sips Mug, in yellow.  Click the link to see all five bright colors.

I had to come back and edit this to add that the Diva Bundles are in stock!  These are so pretty.  I’d like to buy a bunch just to hang up and look at.

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Ty-Dy and Ty-Dy Socks back in stock!


Guess what I just finished doing?  If you cannot tell by the title of this post, I just received the shipment of Ty-Dy that fills out our selection.  We re-ordered what we were out (or almost out) of and also ordered any color we didn’t have.  That means we now have every color of Ty-Dy in stock.  You won’t find it on the website yet but I have sitting on my desk the two newest colors of Ty-Dy sock.  The colorways are called “Arizona” and “Vineyard”.  You’ll have to come in the store to see them… don’t even try to find them on the K1C2 website either, because they aren’t there. 

Please be patient with me… I will get them on the website but it will take me a while.  If you’ve been in lately and seen my little corner of the office, I’m sure you’ll understand.  I am a wee bit overwhelmed with the boxes that surround me, all begging to be first in line.  I promise to post here as I get things up and running.

Things to look for in the near future…..  Chic Knits Patterns, new Smooshy colors, Cotton Patine and various books. – Susan

 5/11/09 – edited by Lea-Ann to add picture woohoo!!!  Who wants to knit a Slant in Nature with me??