So close to being done

"Tee for Two" in Blueberry Fields

I have not had near enough time to knit recently.  I planned on getting more done last week, but when the sweet corn is ready, it’s ready.  I like to put up lots of sweet corn, so I took two days off of everything else and did nothing but corn.  The second round should be ready late this week so I have to knit like crazy the next few nights.  Doesn’t it drive you mad when you are so close to finishing a project only to be too busy to knit.  It’s almost enough to make me cuss.  Anyway, I have maybe three inches to go before beginning the second sleeve and then it’s a pretty quick round and round and ready for the trim.

I have tweaked just a bit and did a three needle bind-off on the first side and knit the sleeve in the round.  So much easier than seaming when finished.  I am not a big fan of seaming and I like the idea of being done when I’m done.  I am going to take out the last few rows of the sleeve and do it over on a smaller needle.  I think my gauge loosened when I went to purl and I don’t like how loose/big the sleeve ends. 

Anybody notice the coffee mug in the background?  That’s the newest from Knit Happy, the Bright Sips Mug, in yellow.  Click the link to see all five bright colors.

I had to come back and edit this to add that the Diva Bundles are in stock!  These are so pretty.  I’d like to buy a bunch just to hang up and look at.

2 thoughts on “So close to being done”

  1. Susan the sweater is beautiful. My queue consists of the last sleeve on the Miley tee, couple of library books (I cannot renew again), another felted oven mitt for a gift, and then this tee. I really like the color you are using and I think that is the same one I got. I know what you mean about gauge changing. At the top of the Miley I am right on but toward the bottom I thought I was doing good but after I bound off I check again and am off, but I am not going to worry about it since it is at the bottom of the tee and hopefully the linen will bloom. I think the finished tee will look great on you. Don’t you just love a fun knit?

  2. Hi Susan, I talked to Lea-Ann on Friday about knitting the front and back panels and how to do the first and last stitch, but she said that discussion has already taken place. Glad I called and got the latest on this, so just knit and purl the rows without doing anything fancy like slipping the stitch with yarn in front to have an easier pick-up for the side panels. How is your Tee coming along?

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