Susan’s Noro Hoodie

Susan is moving right along on her Noro Hoodie . . . . The yarn is color 150 at . . . Who would have guessed that it had a cool green hidden in the ball?  The pattern is from the Noro Unlimited book:

Its moving along pretty fast.  If it stays freezing outside at night, perhaps she’ll get to wear it this season! 

– Lea-Ann

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2 thoughts on “Susan’s Noro Hoodie”

  1. awarpedknitter

    I hope that is for you, Susan, ’cause those colors will look great on you. Noro is so great- theres a surprise color in every ball.

  2. Yes, it is for me. I have been trying to sell that particular shade of Noro for a year because I just knew it was a hidden gem. I knew the minute I saw this pattern that the yarn gods had been saving that Noro just for me. I am loving this project. Now I’ve gotta make the matching socks…..

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