Sock knitters are greedy!

I tell you what- I keep working away but I simply cannot go fast enough for sock knitters.  Forget about getting scans for the website, forget about giving the yarn a sku- if it’s in the building, it’s fair game.  Sometimes, I don’t even get to see the yarn before it’s gone!  My, my, my.  I was on my way to Purdue for a college visit with my oldest son Friday morning and I got this text from Lea-Ann apologizing to me and it took me a minute to realize what she was talking about and then it hit me.  I had missed knit night the night before and hadn’t hidden the boxes- thus some of the yarn disappeared.  It’s those crazy sock knitters- they have voracious appetites!    For those of you who can’t make it to the shop, I should have both Knitosophy and Crazyfoot online by Wednesday afternoon. There will, however, be a few ugly red x’s in lieu of images for a few of the yarns.  Just ignore them.  These are the yarns that have already been sold and you don’t need an image  because you can’t have them anyway.  LOL  They’ll only show up for a short while and then they’ll disappear.

Until I get (what’s left of) the new sock yarn online, maybe you’d like to check out Serendipity Tweed or the new colors, including a few handpaints, of Wildfoote.  As for me, I need to quit blogging about working and get back to it.

Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Sock knitters are greedy!”

  1. Susan,
    You find this a surprise? If you have reason to go back Jacki loves to play the role of tour guide. 🙂 Can’t help with hiding the yarn though if you do.

  2. I must admit that I wasn’t surprised at all. I would have been shocked if no one had taken any. Is there anything knitters (of all types) like better than getting their hands on something brand spanking new? The thought of getting something that no one else has had a crack at is very hard to resist.
    Don’t know if we’re going back to Purdue anytime soon but I have heard talk of Iowa State and South Dakota. Don’t ask me why. I think my son is looking for some kind of reaction, but I shall not freak out!

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