Smooshy with cashmere, yum!

We’re doing a little giveaway. Go to our website at
https://knittingtoday.com and pick your favorite item. Pop back here or on the facebook knitting today page and tell us what you picked, why you picked it, provide the url, and what you would do with it. Take your time. We have over 8000 products on the website! Post by noon eastern on Monday to be entered. Winner gets their choice of one hank, in stock, of smooshy with cashmere. Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Smooshy with cashmere, yum!”

  1. http:www.knittingtoday.com/product/happyfeet/73690006.html
    Love the autumn shade and think it would make a great mini shawl. Sock yarn – not just for feet any more 🙂

  2. Wow! You do have a good selection. I want 12 Tatted Fairy Tales, All the Elsebeth Lavold books, a knitter’s journal, Sweater 101, stitch keepers, puppy snips, a mini color selector and some yarn to knit with . . . . this could be a great Christmas list.

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