Silk Garden Socks has arrived! – ETA pictures and projects

Silk Garden Sock Yarn

Beautiful yarn!  Beautiful colors!  I must say we’re on overload from Noro right now . . . come in and check it out.  We’ve been pulling some design ideas and they are sitting by the yarn displays.  Lea-Ann

ETA:  Wow! Look what Carli has started already . . . the Magic Mirror Socks from http://jeanniefanihi.blogspot.com/2008/06/magic-mirror-socks.html


carli Magic Mirror Socks





2 thoughts on “Silk Garden Socks has arrived! – ETA pictures and projects”

  1. I bought 2 and love it. Soft and love the colorways. Sent a photo of each to Amanda and she picked her favorite- the green. Guess what my next project will be?

  2. Having not been at the store for awhile, I could not help myself. I went, I saw, I bought. Two lovely skeins of the new Silk Garden sock yarn. I used some will power and got only two, but the other colors are all very nice. I got S87 and S252, S87 has pink, yellow, turquoise, green, purple all very vibrant while S252 has black, yellow, blue, and greens. What to make now that is the question?

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