Rush, rush, rush

And as the day begins, I pause to look at the to-do list (I’m giving Nozbe a try) and determine what is the most important thing to get done. After an appointment this morning, I have to make sure I have a box ready for when the UPS man arrives, then a few boxes for customers for the USPS man. Then, I expect to be focused on helping the people who walk in the door. In the meantime, there are a myriad of other tasks related to running a small business and a yarn store, in particular. Things like, um, clean the bathroom seem to get pushed to the bottom of the list as does long term planning and, something essential to my well-being, knitting. That’s horrible, isn’t it! The very reason I started this business gets pushed to the end of the list when in reality, it should be the first thing I do every day to center myself and accomplish the jobs that inspire others and me to keep going. Do you do that too? What do you push to the end and then never seem to finish?

I’m going to take the next five days and join in an exercise with Jeff Goins to see if I can refocus on what is truly important and not just urgent. Would you like to join me? Here’s the link to the the slow down challenge.. Oh, and look at the creativity and clutter post while you are there.


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