Progress Bars

Hmmm, don’t know if I’ll keep them or not, but just got progress bars installed that correspond to my projects listed in Ravelry.com . . . . have any of you bloggers done this too and what do you think?  Lea-Ann

 ETA (which I’ve always thought meant estimated time of arrival, but now know it means: “Edited To Add”): cool, changed the color of the progress bars to a light blue and added pictures from my flickr account! 

2 thoughts on “Progress Bars”

  1. I noticed them earlier before you had made a posting. I am a member of Ralvelry but have not done any input or anything like that. I did notice that there were no pictures of your works in progress, something I am sure you are working on and which everyone would enjoy. I have noticed several other bloggers who have progress bars so keep up the good work. Just finished a scarf for my niece from the same Heaven by Plymouth Yarn that I made her First Baby Blanket. This scarf will be between the two ends of an hippopotamas. This baby likes anything purple or maybe her mother does.

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