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Lorna Miser showed a picture of her huge loft studio on Facebook, so I thought I’d show the progress on my space.

First, the south wall. The right side is full of magazine collections. The left is being filled with ufo projects as I unearth them.


The east wall has two machines, the lk-150 and a 160+ ribber. I think I’ll sell the 160 and that space will be replaced by an ultimate sweater machine so I can test techniques and swatches for the new website, Ultimate Knitting Club.


The north wall is my desktop and book collection. In the boxes at the left are my Workbasket collection. In sorting my books by type, I have a lace grid, a Fair Isle grid, a grid of stitch pattern books, an Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen section, a sock collection, and various and sundry.


The problem? No place for yarn even though I have four cubbies full at the store that need to come home, a couple more bookshelves of reference material also the store, and, lastly, a file cabinet. I had to relocate weaving, sewing, and scrapbooking to the cottage. Oops!

I’ll show the cottage space next time, followed by our shipping and packing stations for our website, Knitting Today and our eBay stores,  bondknitter and icefisherman1.

Where is your space?

1 thought on “My studio”

  1. Wow, I hope everything falls into place and the next phase of life progresses slowly but surely…..

    My yarn is all over the place but somewhat organized.

    Good luck Lea-Ann

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