Journalism? Letter writing? What is a blog?

Is keeping a blog like journaling? Writing, pictures,
sharing …. Taking time to put thoughts to the page. I’d rather
pick up the needles and help someone or answer a question.
Self-directed posting is not my strength, obviously. So, I need
some help to keep this blog going. Tell me what you would like to
see. It’s so much easier to pop into Facebook and post a short
status. The blog is more extensive than that. I have to think and plan
the posts, not just a thought off the top of my head. I’ve never
been a good journaller or letter writer. My thoughts meander and skip. Here’s an example, an open letter to my knitting friends:

So what’s been happening in my world? Last year was full of huge changes in my family
starting with November of 2012 when Trent’s twins were born.
Followed by Haley graduating from High School in May. Tara
graduating from Glen Oaks. Haley having her little boy in
September, and then Trent leaving for basic training for the
Indiana National Guard. Helping with the grandchildren has taken
priority over a lot of things right now.  Here’s the newest little one, and he hangs out at the store with me an awful lot:

Evan being his cute self
Evan being his cute self

Speaking of the store, I’m the sole
worker now with Tom helping as much as he possibly can. And
thankfully on Fridays some of the lunch bunch knitters step in and
help as well. I love the community of knitters that I’ve met over
the years and continue to meet. I’ve been running Knitting Today
for 21 years this year, since 2002 in the current location, and
it’s time for some refreshing ideas and concepts. I’ve been taking
some classes at glen oaks and I’m so inspired to try new things.
I’ve been working on a new website and the roadblocks have been
immense, mainly time-related though. I have to learn and install
three software programs, as well as design the look, feel and function of
this new site. Time! It all takes time! In order to give me time,
we reset the store hours so knitting today is open by appointment
Monday to Wednesday, 12-6 thursday (which will probably change),
and Friday and Saturday 10-4. I’m calling them “studio hours”.

The question is frequently asked, what classes are you running? Well the winter
favorite two socks toe up starts next week. And the monthly classes
I’ve been running, KnittingU, have been informative and interesting
pushing the techniques learned from just following a pattern to
being a “thinking knitter” and learn the why behind what you are
doing. I love to learn like this. Others just want to be blind
followers and aren’t too interested in this series. That would be an interesting poll: are you a thinking
knitter or blind follower?

I’m working on a other Mystery Yarn Club
too. And, several machine knitting KAL projects are in the works
(that’s why it’s important I get the new website operating). It’s a
toss-up between project classes and technique classes and a
combination of both. As far as stock and products in the store,
I’ve had some database errors and needed to move my inventory
systems for about a half a year. Finally over Christmas we did an
actual inventory count and I’m still, 16 days later, getting things
in the new system and trying to change procedures I’ve used since
2004 to integrate. Ugh! The store is torn apart right now, not
pleasing to see or find things, but we’ll get there. The up side is
we’ll be able to track special orders and be more timely in that
process. And, since I’ve been stocking the same yarns for several
years, I’m on the hunt for new and exciting yarns, most of which
will make their debut In the mystery yarn club. The downside for
the casual shopper is they will have to wait for their order to
arrive instead of purchasing from open stock. The industry has
changed so much in the past five years that I’m refocusing on kits
and projects vs. open stock. And, while I’ve always said yes, I’m
going to have to start suggesting some alternatives to some
products just to keep the books in the black. Tom and I started
with the Dave Ramsey program a while back and that has meant a lot
of changes, but for the better. If you want to stock a store, take
my advice from lessons learned and don’t use credit (cards or

Up next? after attending Trent’s graduation from Basic and seeing him off to Advanced, helping Haley on Tues and Thurs evenings so she can attend EMT classes, and helping Tara plan and execute her knitting classes for Joann’s in Fort Wayne, we’re planning the Superbowl Sunday Special Sale! Mark your
calendars for February 2 and make your way to our doors from 2-5.
Bring a snack, your knitting, and be ready for a sale like no other
we have ever had!

Shadow Knitting
Shadow Knitting

So, you see what has happened here? I meander and flow and circle back, like music ebbs and flows. Journalling, letter writing, blogging . . . . let me leave you with a question until next time, respond in the comments:

  • thinking knitter?
  • blind


4 thoughts on “Journalism? Letter writing? What is a blog?”

  1. Natalie McLaughlin

    Lea-Ann, I am thinking that by asking if you are a thinking knitter or a blind follower you are asking if you prefer Knitting U or Mystery Club? I myself am probably a blind follower. I loved Mystery Club, it was exciting to come in and see what new yarn I could work with and also I liked that there was usually more than one pattern idea. I do however many times change the pattern because I want something a little different. I also love to read people’s blogs and while maybe you think you are not the best blogger, your blog right here is excellent and I enjoyed reading it and getting excited about another Mystery Club and of course the Super Bowl Party!! I will be praying for you that God’s guidance comes for you and your business. You are such an assett to have with your knowledge and kindness.

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