I’m still working…..

Diligently working- even during Penny’s open house! I am slowly plowing my way through the boxes in the office. Problem is that boxes are being added faster than I can get through them. I have, however, uncovered a few gems for you.

Don’t you love it when you get first shot at something very new? You know you do, so just admit it. I have just (as in maybe a week ago) gotten the new Rhythm Superwash in the system and available for purchase. This yarn is so new it’s not even on Jojoland’s website yet. It is a worsted weight version of the Melody Superwash, same long repeats and gentle color transitions but I have to tell you that it has such a soft, almost slippery feel to it. It’s been in the shop for a week (thank you to Kathy for helping put the labels on) but I just got it unbagged and on the shelf this morning.  I’ve tucked two skeins back for myself to knit a quick scarf.

This morning I am working on getting the new Baby Cashmerino up and running.  Technically, this is not a new yarn but to feel it you would think it’s got a new fiber composition.  I have always thought that this was a “nice enough” yarn, but these new colors are positively lucious!  I don’t know what they have done but I am in love with this yarn now…. it is softer, much more touchable, more squishable.  There were a few lucky people here yesterday that got a sneak peek and I think they will agree with me.  The colors are lovely, also.  This is the yarn that may finally get me knitting baby somethings.  Check back for the new colors to show up; I promise I’ll hurry.

On a personal note, I have made the very difficult decision to not start my Cassidy sweater yet.  I hesitate put if off because I’m afraid that if I don’t do it while the KAL is going on, I will never get it done.  But, I really want to focus on my daughter’s cross stitch stocking and that is so time consuming that I don’t feel that I want a big project hanging over my shoulder.  (didn’t I post something similar earlier this year??  That tells you something right there. )  I have a few quick, no heavy thinking required projects sitting around and when I just cannot stand another moment without a (knitting) needle in my hand I will pick one of these up and knit a bit.  The Rhythm Superwash scarf is one of them but I still have projects looming from some time ago.  They’ve been patiently sitting there waiting so now I’ll have a reason to do the smaller things.  I have finished the Noro sweater and just need to seam it.  YAY!  I’ll post a pic so you all can see it when I’ve truly finished it.  I have a few days of not enough home time and then after this weekend I should have a chance to get it finished.  I am so excited!

Cooler weather…. more inside time…. more crafty time 🙂 – Susan

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  1. Any time I can be of service I will be, unfortunately that time is running out. I think both the new Jojoland yarn is beautiful and I am trying so hard not to get any that I may have to buy lots and the Baby Cashmerino is just to die for. So soft and the colors are wonderful. I think the mix the store has of the Cashmerino is perfect and should meet anyones needs for that yarn. I still think the Rhythm Superwash might be interesting as a Mondo Cable vest but only time will tell.

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