I LOVE merino

ella rae lace merino. . . and when its lace weight and colorful, I love it all over again.  But, throw in the word “superwash” . . . oh my, someone throw the cold water on me and pick me up off the floor.  This stuff is BEAUTIFUL!  What is it, you ask?  Why its “Ella Rae Lace Merino” and, well,  here’s a photo for your enjoyment.

Do you have any project ideas for it? I’m thinking a newborn baby surprise? little hats, booties? Maybe a lace shawl? Comment below with link ideas, please!

2 thoughts on “I LOVE merino”

  1. I have petted this every time I have been in the store and I will break down and get some before I leave. The colors are gorgeous, all of them, so now to decide which color to choose from. I know one thing so far and that is I want two skeins at least, but the color not sure on at all.

  2. get ready for a new shawl design using Zealana Rimu Fingering. I have to say myself, it is lovely – a drapey gathered lacy on one end and a point with a large flower on the other … My name is Karen and I am addicted to Rimu Fingering. There … I said it!

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