How the Internet changed my knitting life

So, it’s been twenty years since Tom and I started Knitting Today. I know the Internet has been the single most contributing factor in changing my knitting life and back in 1993, was the start of my being able to work from home and raise my family. But let’s break it down, what one thing, page, event, project, tool, yarn, or ??? has had the most impact on your knitting life and how?

6 thoughts on “How the Internet changed my knitting life”

  1. Katie Herendeen

    Finding local yarn shops. Who knew? 25 years ago I broke a needle and could not find that size and in the process of being sent from Walmart, to Kmart to Joanns to Hancock with no luck finding the needle size I wanted (17 circulars) I found Cass Street Depot, then when Knitting Today opened it was a joy! Much closer to home and person to person help, new techniques and classes. That is what changed my knitting life.

  2. Patricia Siems

    My mother is the person who taught me to knit. When she passed away in 1984. I hadn’t learned much more than the basic stitches, (ie cast on, knit, purl, bind/cast off) so the best I could hope to make was squares or rectangles. You Tube has made it possible for me to advance beyond scarves and afghans. The videos taught me increasing and decreasing and other pattern stitches besides garter, stockinette, seed and ribbing. I recently ven started my first ever lace project.

  3. I would have to agree with Katie H. You tube has change the way I knit. Got a stitch that I want to learn? You tube to the rescue, just can’t wrap my head around a way to do a stitch? YouTube! Craftsy, Creativebug, and Annie’s have brought me lessons I have always wanted to attempt. My grandmother owned a yarn shop in Indianapolis, but being the youngest grandchild I didn’t have all of her time in life to instruct, but boy oh boy did she give me a good foundation, petit point, macrame, crochet, tatt, I was 12 when she became to ill to teach me any further, but with the videos on line I can find it! Don’t even get me started on the Ravelry community! I live in rural Indiana and getting to a knitting group is impossible in winter as we get no snow plows down our road! But with Ravelry have “groups” to KAL! Now at 50ish, I can even go to camp! Albeit a virtual camp, but knit camp none the less!

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