Frosty’s debut (and a few tips)

felted-snowman.JPGWell…. now that Kathy has let the cat out of the bag and you all know that the snowman is done and on the tree, I must get around to blogging him.  I have to admit that he’s very cute up on top of that tree.  Not sure if you can see it in the pic or not, but he is holding a little golden star.  Tell you what though, it was not easy.  This poor guy had to undergo an episiotomy, a stuffingectomy and a labotomy (I apologize for any spelling errors) in order to get him to sit straight.  Hey, anything for Christmas, right?!

I have come across a few time savers that you may be interested in.  First and foremost is check out the scrapbooking aisle for cute (and I mean absolutely adorable) brads to use instead of buttons.  Super easy and fast. I also found a little string of Christmas lights.  Also, I would recommend getting the correct size of beads and wire because when it comes to the arms, size does matter.  I rebeaded my snowmen and they look so much better- not to mention it was much quicker and easier.  I did go with the light bulb nose, a different color for each one and a little dab of hot glue held them fast.  Let’s see…  oh, I almost forgot.  I found the poly pellets in the doll making section at Hobby Lobby.  A one pound bag was only three bucks and should do several snowmen.

I am almost done with the shawl and then I will lightening through the first set of snowmen (carolers) and post a pic. 

Happy Thanksgiving, all! – Susan 

3 thoughts on “Frosty’s debut (and a few tips)”

  1. Sorry if I let the “Snowman” out of the bag. It was too cute not to mention it.

    I finished a project from over two years ago. The Felted Oven Mitt, a class that Lea-Ann did at the Angola Library a long time ago. I will have pictures up on Rav soon but I let it felt too long, got distracted by sucking the air out of bags with yarn, so not sure it will be an oven mitt. Nothing like getting a project finished and opening up a new bag for more good stuff….

  2. Great job Susan! I have not finished mine yet but the Great Pumpkin has been felted. It turned out ,well, great. I need to make my little scarf and hat fo the snow guy- on the list for this week.

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