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We’ve been anxiously awaiting the Nashua Creative Focus Chunky, 2132 Camel , as it is featured on the cover of Knitting Today! Magazine Jan/Feb 2011 issue, and it’s finally here!  The project that calls for it is the Camel Cape; I am completely enamoured with it.  I like the toggle closures and the cozy collar, and I think they did a good job matching the yarn to the project.  The wool/alpaca blend of the CF Chunky is perfect for this sort of thing- relaxed and snuggly warm.  The only thing I would change (or slightly modify, really) is that (for me) there is never, ever to be any sort of gap at the front of the cape.  Ideally, the sides should overlap a bit so as to shut out any sort of tiny breeze.  I know, I know- why not just knit a poncho then?  Have I mentioned my ever growing list of UFO’s lately?  Yep, there is a poncho lurking somewhere in the depths of UFOland.  Wonder where that is…..

Keep warm be merry!

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