Fo Friday: watershed

Almost done. Just the collar and armholes to complete.


And now for the wrap-up. When it came off the needles on Thursday morning, there was a try on session. The result was a lot of dissapointment and tears on both Tara and my part. It just didn’t look as good as either of us had imagined. It was too wide, the armhole was too big and it didn’t drape right. Ugh! Since there wasn’t time to get anything else, we decided to go ahead and finish it.

So, Thursday night she ran Mystery Yarn Club while I picked up around the armholes to finish it off. Can you see the tape meaures? The simple armhole treatment took in two inches! It was pick up, purl a row and bind off. I did deviate from the instructions In that i used a needle two sizes smaller which resulted in two tight of an armhole so ripped out the bind off and redid it on the regular needle size.


Yeah! I’m so please to share this finished object. Yes, it was done in time, even steam blocked and for those of you who know me, YES! The ends were woven in. Tara sewed the dress with the help of Mary some afternoons at the store and she found the perfect crochet shoes from Tom’s. what do you think!


And, now it’s on to the next adventure …. What shall it be? Give me some suggestions.

Here’s our graduating girl! Go Tara! Hard to believe twenty years ago we chose for me to work for home and here we are.


P.S. I used most of two balls of yarn, 440 yards. Maybe I need one?

Read the instructions


Whoever said it was important to read instructions completely, circling all of the instructions that refer to your size? Me? Nah, because obviously I don’t practice what I preach. It’s disheartening to get to the end of the project and realize the lace pattern is four rows off because of one little sentence.

“For sizes S, L, and 2x: Work Rows 1-4 once.”

Ugh! I didn’t do that because the length was long enough, not thinking the reason the designer did this was to set up the eight row lace repeat so it looks right at the neckline. Are you all laughing at me now?

Since I do not have time to rip back, I’m in recovery mode. I have to finish the knitting today (this is the sort of play on words Tom intended when he named the business) so I can take time to block it on my day off tomorrow. I have to finish the neckline and the armholes.

P.S. I am at the end of my second ball of yarn. Would be really nice if I don’t have to get into the third. Do you think i’ll make it?

Knit swirl! Mary’s

So glad to,share the first finished knit swirl from our local Thursday night sweater group. Great job, Mary! She used douceur et soie and Boku.




Order of operations?

Progress is being made. Deadline is 7 days away. I ended up making some modifications to make the picked up front edges match.

The next question is, how deep do the armholes need to be before adding on stitches for the sleeve cap? I’ve never constructed a sleeve this way. Anyone have any suggestions?


Mystery Yarn Club – Yarn 1 arrived!

And I can’t reveal until May 1 . . . oh, it is soft, and warm, and snuggly and well, luscious!! There are a dozen more description of this luxury yarn that Tara and I say as we walk by and pet it. I had one design in mind when I ordered it, but they sent me samples of a pattern booklet and a leaflet and now I can’t make up my mind!!!!

I wish I could tell you all what it is, but then what’s the mystery? All I can say is oh my! It feels sooooo good! Only five spots left as of today:

One of these sides is not like the other

Uh oh! Do as I say not as I do!

1. Do a Gauge swatch – I didn’t. I’m knitting looser than recommended, I think. The number of repeats for the size to fit Tara is actually two sizes smaller than its supposed to be. Now I have to do a gauge swatch to see how many stitches to pick up and knit upward.

2. Mark the RS. Uh oh, which side is the right side? And which will become the left front and right front?

3. Don’t improvise and second guess a talented designer. Um, yes, you can’t just remove a row in order to try and save restarting the yarn at the correct side of the knitting.

What lessons have you learned in the “do as I say not as I do” category?


Stellanti Shawl Update

Yeah! We’re getting closer to getting the specially dyed Nightfall yarn for the Stellanti shawl KAL. Jen says she is feeling better and working through her backlog. As soon as we are in the queue, I’ll let everyone who has signed up know. If you would like more info, contact me at lea-Ann @ (remove spaces).

Watershed, done by May?

Sometimes a new project just has to be tackled, despite a
huge list which grew by four other new projects last week. This new
project is called “watershed” and is available as a LYS Ravelry
download for those local to us. The yarn: three balls of creative
linen in a spring green. The reason: Tara wants to wear it over her
dress for graduation May 3. She sewed, with help from Mary, the
dress from a Kaffe Fassett fabric. Can I do it? Its
definitely a fun pattern despite having to do this little edging
about thirty times. After ten, outs feeling a little repetitive.
I’m watching the final four game right now so I have something to
be sitting here for….go Blue!
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Mystery Yarn Club – special, surprise, and summer fun!

20130323-082318.jpgDo you like surprises? Judging by the number of people who have previously joined our Dream Club and the Knit Happy Club, you do. So what is Lea-Ann cooking up for some summer knitting fun? A “Mystery Yarn Club”!

What: Six months of unique, special, luxurious, and fun yarns. Each yarn will have a pattern or two and we will be doing a KAL in store and online. We have other fun specials and events planned for club members as well.

When: Starts May 1.

How much: for the best price, register by April1 for $180 plus shipping and Indiana sales tax. Afterward, the price goes up to $198. There is also a month-by-month option available.

Register now!

And it’s back!

I don’t know how, but my login information was deleted from the user table and allow the recent posts were missing! I don’t know if it happened during the server move or if someone did something somewhere they shouldn’t have, and I guess it really doesn’t matter. I’m just glad the server company has a good support staff and my backups worked! I have so many new projects and old news to share with you …. Stay tuned!