Rush, rush, rush

And as the day begins, I pause to look at the to-do list (I’m giving Nozbe a try) and determine what is the most important thing to get done. After an appointment this morning, I have to make sure I have a box ready for when the UPS man arrives, then a few boxes for customers for the USPS man. Then, I expect to be focused on helping the people who walk in the door. In the meantime, there are a myriad of other tasks related to running a small business and a yarn store, in particular. Things like, um, clean the bathroom seem to get pushed to the bottom of the list as does long term planning and, something essential to my well-being, knitting. That’s horrible, isn’t it! The very reason I started this business gets pushed to the end of the list when in reality, it should be the first thing I do every day to center myself and accomplish the jobs that inspire others and me to keep going. Do you do that too? What do you push to the end and then never seem to finish?

I’m going to take the next five days and join in an exercise with Jeff Goins to see if I can refocus on what is truly important and not just urgent. Would you like to join me? Here’s the link to the the slow down challenge.. Oh, and look at the creativity and clutter post while you are there.



Stellanti Siting, hopscotch software, good food and friends

Just slowly wandering the show floor trying not to be overwhelmed and excited and look what I found!



The beautiful Laura Nelkin modeled Stellanti for me. Only a few more weeks until the fibrofibers yarn arrives and I’m getting everything in place for the KAL. Laura talked with me about construction, beads, and placement. I also bought some bracelet kits, a nice lace and bead combo which will make a great class. It sure was nice seeing these projects in person! Can’t wait to get going on them.

Another stop on day 2 was the Visionary Authors booth where I was able to talk Knit Swirl! and see them all in person once again. We talked about methods for shortening sleeves in particular. I feel so much more confident about helping customers choose yarn, style and fit now. The combinations of colors and fibers used is fantastic!

And, I also spent time learning about the new Hopscotch website CMS from Benjamin Levisay and Brent. I have a couple new ventures in mind and this might be the tool to help.

New yarn ideas? Well, I have those too. I have new choices in superwash, new hand-dyers, and some restocks of existing yarns in new colors. There is so much to do but all so exciting!

At the end of the day, Haley and I had some great Italian food (yesterday was Greek) and visited with Cari Clement and Susan Levine. Their experience and information about yarns, retail, wholesale and publishing is invaluable and I’m so thankful to know them and spend time picking their brains.

Reflecting back over the course of the day I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many people who will be instrumental in my business plans the next several years (ravelry, craftsy, spinrite for the USM, various yarn companies, to name a few). I can’t wait for this next season! Hard to believe it’s been twenty years and I’m still excited!

color, inspiration, overload

wishes to wings.jpg
day #1 at tnna: arrive in Columbus, secure hotel room for two nights, register at market – check

mystery yarn club #4 yarn: found, ordered, paid for, delivery date confirmed – check

Lorna’s Laces booth: drool, pet, overload – check

Superwash Search: verify washability, good colors, pattern support, reputable company, supply availability, shipping time, arrange for colorcards – check

North Market for lunch – check

feet rest – check

shopping for more inspiration: new sock yarns, yarn with sequins – check

list for tomorrow: visit more New booths, make plans for late fall arrivals, don’t go on overload – pending

How the Internet changed my knitting life

So, it’s been twenty years since Tom and I started Knitting Today. I know the Internet has been the single most contributing factor in changing my knitting life and back in 1993, was the start of my being able to work from home and raise my family. But let’s break it down, what one thing, page, event, project, tool, yarn, or ??? has had the most impact on your knitting life and how?

Lorna Miser: new look for hand dyed yarns

Lorna Miser returns to Knitting Today to teach a whole new way of working with hand dyed yarns. Join us on Wednesday, June 26, Saturday, June 29, 10-4 to learn how this special technique makes your knitting look as if it is painted in vertical stripes with brush strokes. Here’s Lorna’s description about the class:

Here’s a fun technique to use with hand dyed yarns that will make your knitting look as if it is painted in vertical stripes with brush strokes. The colors will align and flow like a gentle watercolor. And all of those individual colors in that skein you love will all be seen separately, not get blended nor pool unattractively. It’s magical!

Other things you will like about this workshop:

  1. No gauge swatch required.
  2. It’s easy and fun!
  3. Project is a scarf or cowl. Very quick knit and will fit anyone.
  4. No counting required. You may never need to know how many stitches you cast on!
  5. It’s a whole new look for hand dyed yarns!

Odd rules about this class:

  1. You may not knit this in the dark or with your eyes closed.
  2. You may consume adult beverages while doing this technique if you are inclined (meaning it is not difficult).
  3. If you own a interchangeable knitting needle set, this is the time to use it!
  4. You won’t get bored.
  5. If you do get bored, we can make it more interesting by adding lace or stitch patterns.

To register online:

Questions: call Lea-Ann at 260-351-2260 or via email

faux painted knitting swatch