Woolly Holiday Hunt Day 5 – Animals Down Under keeping warm from ??? fur

Did you know both of these birds live Down Under? The Woolly Penguin, is sporting a wool hat and cap, with applied felt face features, but what is the Kiwi bird wearing?  It is sporting fur from a ???.

  • First, identify what animal we’re talking about
  • Then, search for that animal on our website at https://knittingtoday.com — http://theyarnsisters.com/conservation/ will help identify the animal.
  • We knit Fetching from knitty.com with it, so it isn’t a fingering weight yarn.  That eliminates a whole category of choices for you to look through.
  • And, we love this yarn because it is a “green” yarn.
So, putting those clues through the steps . . . you should come up with the hidden picture above.  Send the URL to customerservice@knittingtoday.com (or if you’re having trouble, shoot us a message).  You’ll be entered in a drawing for three Marie Mayhew patterns or project materials (up to $30 value). Drawing held on the 19th.  Check back tomorrow for Hunt Day 6 and enter again!
Have you knit something with this yarn yet?  If so, please share . . .

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