Waiting, trying, hurry up and wait

I feel like the last four years have been full of starts and stops and restarts. Tom Swan, comedian and my friend from Launch Out, a conference for Jon Acuff Starters, called them detours. It’s been a season of waiting, trying something new, and waiting again. I have a chronological list of software I’ve tried, communities I’ve built, more changes, and in amongst all of that courses, challenges and always learning and trying to improve. But I’ve also had very down, deep dark, periods where I have no purpose or plan and that is very scary. But right now, the sun is shining. The grass is green. The new plan is becoming clearer and no longer has a glaze over it, like looking through frost on a windshield.

With spring comes a new season of testing, trying and birthing. Designing patterns, selling projects, promoting classes, and providing communities. Knitting Today, after a season of dark, is blooming. I’m still a little unsure of a few things. Trying to keep uncertainty from shutting me down. Today I’m waiting on a Chromebook to arrive. My old computers won’t run the new webcams. urgh! But a new uncertainty arises with the update from the tracking. Urgh! There post office up here is very rural, there is one truck. Will it make it? Do I need to assist today’s or tomorrow’s schedule?

What i can do is make another pot of coffee and sit and knit. Fisher Lassie, midway through repeat 5…. After which it is decision making time. Sorry for the picture of a lump of yarn that will become a cardigan. See the stitch markers, they are my friends on this project.

Amidst my scattered thoughts, I’m learning to post the newsy updates you my blog from my smart phone. Woah! And there is a lot to learn but I’m not keeping that from hitting the publish button. So, until next time my knitting friends, I thank you for reading my meanderings and wish you happy clicking needles. – Lea-Ann

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