This is why we have a stash

Okay, all you Indiana knitters, listen up.  Did you hear the forecast??  BIG SNOW headed this way. This is why we hoard yarn.  This is why we have things hidden, um.. I mean “stored”, under the bed and in closets.  What if we really do get 8 inches of snow and we are immobilized for an entire day?!  Oh, the horror of having only a few projects to choose from!  Really, half the fun is the dithering over which fiber to fiddle with.  Pondering  “am I in a cable mood or a lace mood.  The sweater, or the scarf?  Maybe something to felt…”  I am almost vibrating with excitement at the thought of it.

Be honest, now.  Doesn’t a day stuck inside, with no hope of going anywhere sound lovely?  It’s better than a poke in the eye, right Nancy?

p.s. you don’t even want me to blog on Wednesday if we don’t get the promised snow on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “This is why we have a stash”

  1. Hi Susan, offer was accepted after a couple to and fros. More house than we had originally planned for but the choices here are from the one extreme to the other extreme and not that many in the middle and those go quickly. We hope to close around spring break so we can do the move at that time and before things get really crazy around the end of the term. It will be nice to have the stash all in one place because I really should not be buying anything new because of what this house cost. As you say the really fun part is the dithering over which fiber and which pattern and fondling and moving around and finding something you completely forgot you had, so I will be doing lots of that I am sure. I will keep my fingers crossed if you really want some snow, is that good enough? Also some of what I might have bought in reference to Starry and that pattern we both liked, I guess I lost out and I hope the recipients enjoy their great purchases.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you and snow….

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