They’re heeere…

The 5″ tips for the HiyaHiya Interchangeables, not a poltergeist.  They’ve been here for a few weeks, to tell the truth, but I wanted to give them a good test run before posting about them. I’ve been using the 4″ tips and thought I loved them. But apparently it was just a crush because when I switched one of my projects to the 5″ tip (just to see if I noticed much of a difference) there were fireworks and I heard birds singing and felt all warm and tingly. Well, maybe I’m making up the part about the fireworks and the birds.  But, I immediately forgot about the 4″ tips sitting beside me on the end table. For me that extra inch makes a world of difference. Which is funny because I never felt that the 4″ tips were too short; never thought “boy, I wish these were longer” but now that I’ve used the longer I wonder that I never wished for them. I do think that I will want the 4″ tips for smaller projects like socks, but I will definitely invest in the longer tips as I need them.

Also just in are the c2knits patterns that I promised earlier. My favorite is the Moxie, but the Hayley Hoodie is right up my alley as well. I would put long sleeves on it and make it a winter garment, but that’s just me. All these patterns are top down (except for the skirts which are bottom up) and seamless. Doesn’t get much better than that.

By the way… are you ready for some football?

2 thoughts on “They’re heeere…”

  1. I also like the Moxie pattern. Top down is also a plus!! Yes, I am ready for some football and some knitting also.. I am planning on seeing you Sunday!

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