Tara’s top 10 snowed-in activities

Saturday the 19th, it was snowing so much that it appeared we would be snowed in by noon with no customers. Mom and I thought it would be fun to make a top 10 list to do at Knitting Today if buried in unstoppable snow! Here is my version:

1. Lock all customers out, so we can plan a trip to Barbados using the number I accidently called.

 2. Pile all Shepherd’s Wool on the floor to take a nap.

 3.Let ONE customer in to referee  a race between mom and I on seeing how many balls of yarn you can wind off in an hour.

 4. Raid Susan’s food stash.

 5. ACTUALLY WORK! (plan sale for JAN. 2? and classes for FEB. and my hard homework)

 6.Dress me as a ball of yarn with needles and make me stand outside with a sign saying, ‘WE ARE OPEN!’

 7. Knit with no shoes. my personal favorite. 😉

8. Clean the Black Hole (A.K.A. the office) and the Milkyway (A.K.A. the back room).

9. Crank up the heat for a Hawaiian Luau! Aloha!

 10. Have me make a stupid Top 10 list! =P

-Tara Lea     (p.s. what is yours???)

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