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Ty-dy restock + new

Its here! The Ty-Dy cotton restock.  And, the new Ty-Dy Dots (shhhhh).  Also restocked a couple of  Ty-Dy Socks colors and am waiting on the backorders and new colors (and, shhhh, the new Sock Dots) to arrive . . . lots of fun stuff to work on.  Did I ever show you a picture of my Slant on Nature?  I put the pattern on top of the box so you could see it the original.  The mods I made were to make it a v-neck instead of a lapel and set-in sleeve instead of drop shoulder.  If you want to make those same mods, I can help you through them. . .


This Spring 2010 issue of Knitter’s  has a new colorway (in the shhh box) on the front, entrelac neckline — really a neat knit!

Oh, and for the sneak peak:  Ty-Dy Dots!

And, now for the new patterns that use those new yarns.  Notice the socks in the bottom picture done in Fair Isle?  It uses a solid strand of Sox Appeal (which is in another shhh box under Susan’s desk).  

Okay, so that’s the end of the Ty-Dy sneak peak .  . . . for those of you patiently waiting for the prize drawings, that’s up next . . . . just trying to figure out a snazzy way to count without doing it manually, but may break down and do it manually anyways.  Sometimes the back-end of software is not soo pretty to work with.  Lea-Ann

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Just call me Speedy Gonzalez!

Wow, I feel so productive.  Take a look at the New for May 2009 Category.  The new colors of Ty-Dy Sock and the new books are in and ready to go- including Debbie Macomber’s newest.   Keep checking back, though…. I still have some Chic Knit patterns to get in and they are so very cool!

Hope you’re all enjoying this very summer-ish weather! – Susan

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Ty-Dy and Ty-Dy Socks back in stock!


Guess what I just finished doing?  If you cannot tell by the title of this post, I just received the shipment of Ty-Dy that fills out our selection.  We re-ordered what we were out (or almost out) of and also ordered any color we didn’t have.  That means we now have every color of Ty-Dy in stock.  You won’t find it on the website yet but I have sitting on my desk the two newest colors of Ty-Dy sock.  The colorways are called “Arizona” and “Vineyard”.  You’ll have to come in the store to see them… don’t even try to find them on the K1C2 website either, because they aren’t there. 

Please be patient with me… I will get them on the website but it will take me a while.  If you’ve been in lately and seen my little corner of the office, I’m sure you’ll understand.  I am a wee bit overwhelmed with the boxes that surround me, all begging to be first in line.  I promise to post here as I get things up and running.

Things to look for in the near future…..  Chic Knits Patterns, new Smooshy colors, Cotton Patine and various books. – Susan

 5/11/09 – edited by Lea-Ann to add picture woohoo!!!  Who wants to knit a Slant in Nature with me??