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What is The LK150 Success Academy?
The LK150 Success Academy (Launching January 2020) teaches you how to use your LK150. Moving beyond the Get It Out of the Box course, the Academy will lead you through the next steps, combining techniques, stitch patterns, and designs into a monthly deliverable, along with time to virtually knit with other Academy members, and a regular Q&A to make sure any problems and issues are being addressed. All from the comfort of your home.
Founding Members Needed
We need 30 invested members to test, give honest feedback, and help make this the best virtual knitting course available. Founding Members will get immediate access and will assist in the formation and testing of the Academy content, deliverability, and sample courses. Note: Founding members’ price gives LIFETIME access. 

If the Founding Member is not right for you, but you want information about the Academy when it opens in December 2019, sign up for the “interested” email list and we’ll keep you apprised of progress.

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