Shepherd’s Wool + Andean-Style Cap Kit Contest/Giveaway

As announced in the Knitting Today E-news (sign up at https://knittingtoday.com/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/list/ktnews/ if you don’t receive it!), to celebrate our new yarn, we’re having a contest!  Tell us why you love knitting with wool and be entered in our Shepherd’s Wool giveaway for one of the Andean-Style Caps shown below!  Contest ends September 30, so don’t delay.

 Andean Style Hat - bright Andean Style Hat Pastel

Don’t worry, if you don’t win the contest, the kits will be available for purchase shortly. 

28 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Wool + Andean-Style Cap Kit Contest/Giveaway”

  1. i love knitting with wool because of the smooth texture and the finished project is softer, warmer, cooler, and last longer than that of any other medium.

  2. I love knitting with wool for several reasons.
    The wool I’ve knitted with has been so soft. It’s easy to see and repair mistakes 🙂 and my wool knitting has been for impoverished children in very cold countries. The wool provides warmth even if it gets wet. I am so glad to be able to do something for them to bring more joy into their lives.

  3. I love wool for several reasons. I think the most important of those is wool’s ability to insulate. As a knitter from the south I don’t get the opportunity to wear a wool sweater often unless I’m visiting relatives up north, but wool socks or a wool hat during the winter here are a huge help in staying warm.

  4. i love wool cause i am diseable had a open heart surgal ,i used a knitting machince to knitted . it ease to worked with . my niece got me in knitting about 7 years ago . to deal with my heathly problems .but i love knitting on machine . thank you

  5. I love knitting with wool because of the smell and texture. I can’t go by wool without smelling and squeezing it. It is a definitely a tactile thing for me. 🙂

  6. I love knitting with wool because I love wool and sheep. Sometimes I wish I were a cat so that I could roll around in the wool just like our new kitten does.

  7. I think I enjoy wool because I know that it’s a natural fibre. I think of the days before automation and synthetic fibers etc., and how it was a neccessity to make your own knitting yarn. I think it’s just a return to the old days, where we feel (in our mind anyway) that life was simple, quiet, and peaceful. Wool evokes those feelings of days gone by when I’m knitting with it.

    Of course, I also love the feel of it and the fact that I can felt with it too.

  8. I love wool because it is a natural, sustainable industry (particularly desirable when local). I have always enjoyed the feel and wearability of wool. There is nothing like snuggling up in a knitted or crocheted blanket or sweater. Since I am always cold, I knit with wool year round and it makes me, well, warm and happy!

  9. Well, I don’t have alot of knitting experience with wool. I have always grabbed the cheap acrylic stuff at Wal-Mart. But, after discovering a local yarn store last month, I am quickly becoming a yarn snob with all the wonderful wool yarns. I love the feel in my hand, the vibrant colors, and just the thought that some of these skeins come from a different part of the world, that I may never visit, gives me a little thrill.

  10. I love to knit with wool because I live in Alaska and wool is really warm. Plus it’s soft, shows stitches well and comes in many bright colors. The hat would be perfect! Thanks for the contest.

  11. i am sandy and i am a yarnaholic…i love the colors both dyed and natural, i love the feel…i love to cuddle it..i love that it comes in so many thicknesses thin as a cobweb to thick as my thumb…you can turn it into something light and air for a cool summers eve or thick and cuddily for a stormy winters night. and it mixes well with other types of yarn to create endless fabrics! you can even tie a knot and make a loop for cats in the craddle. you can braid it to make ties for holding you knitted hat on your head. you can make pompoms with it. you can even make toys for kids and your cats with it. yarn is good. i love yarn, can you tell?

  12. Why do I love knitting with wool? The first and most important reason is that wool is so much more comfortable to knit with. It’s interesting. I was taught to knit by a family friend, a woman we called “Nana”. In those days, Nana never said she was buying yarn, she said she was buying wool. I learned to knit with wool but as my children were growing up, I bought acrylic yarn because it was cheaper. I could knit warm things for the kids for less money. Today, I have arthritis and knitting with acrylic yarn makes my hands sore. Wool is warm and comfortable to knit with.

    Wool is an amazing fiber. When you knit lace and block it, something magical happens. That lump of crumpled string is transformed into something amazingly beautiful. Synthetic yarns can’t be “taught” to take shape and can’t reproduce that magic.

    Wool is my favorite fiber to spin and knit. I love the feel, the sheepy scent, everything about it!

  13. Nicole (ikkinlala)

    I love knitting with wool because it’s elastic (and therefore comfortable to knit with) and because it’s warm even when it gets wet (which is important when there’s a long a slushy season as we have).

  14. I like to use the amazingly vibrant colors to make an item that I will then felt and see what the end result is. Some of the colors I have come up with are really fantastic.

  15. There is just nothing like the feel of knitting with wool. It is comfortable to knit, soft to the touch, and is very forgiving. And of course the colors are wonderful. I just love how it works up every time I knit with it. (Lately, I’d say about 90% of my knitting has been with wool.)

  16. Wool is the bomb! Where should I start…? If it’s well-spun wool, it is springy, like ridin’ a cadillac down a bumpy road. Wool has memory and goes back to its original shape. Wool reminisces, like remembering how a well-knit sweater keeps you snuggly and warm while snowflakes swirl around. Wool helps me to recall my grandmother’s arms around me teaching me how to form my first knits and purls. For me wool has a past and it has a future! What shall I knit next? Now that’s a good question. What fiber shall I use? WOOL!

  17. When I was a little girl my mother would occasionally by me a WOOL sweater to wear to school. They were so scratchy against my skin and when I got too warm, my skin would feel prickly. I hated WOOL sweaters! So, when I took my beginning knitting class back in Jan. 07, and was told we’d be knitting a hat in WOOL, I thought, “no way!” I was directed to where the bins of WOOL were located and I was amazed at the color choices, the soft feel of the yarn next to my skin. I could hardly wait for my first class! It was there, at my beginning knitting class, I feel in love with WOOL! It felt so incredibly soft gliding through my fingers on my first pair of knitting needles! I learned that WOOL is a natural fiber, has wonderful memory, fabulous stitch definition, and is easily dyed, so the color choices are endless! One amazing trick I recently learned is that WOOL yarn can be “split plied”. How cool is that? WOOL has definitely become my yarn of choice for many, many reasons.

  18. Wool has become my favorite fiber. My current knitting has been using several different brands of wool. Today I had the opportunity to add Shepherd’s Wool to my stash….yummy…. almost good enough to eat. Can’t wait to get my project started.

  19. I love WOOL! OMG ! Its so versatile. You can have socks and sweaters hats and scarves to keep you perfectly warm and yummy. Then, you can dye it readily, I am just learning about dye and LOVING IT!

    Felting… ok, if I felt a finished object and its wrong I can cut up the item and reuse it in other projects. Don’t forget NEEDLE FELTING! Great for embellishments or if you love stabbing sharp needles into things it has to rock your world. I can handle embellishing, I don’t like needles much meself. If my finished object that wasn’t intended to felt gets felted I can make stuff from that as well.

    Then of course there are the sheep. Sheep have wierd eyes but they are relatively friendly critters. They have no problem getting rid of their heavy wool winter coats in the spring so they can enjoy the summer. I have been helping with a shearing the last 2 springs and I have to say my hands are softer for weeks afterwords. Maybe only days. These same emmollients are still there in many wool products. They make wool water resistent and warm.

    My favorite wool is Merino, because it felts so wonderfully, but I love the wool that my friend harvests for its lack of felting. It fluffs but it doesn’t really felt. Its all in the crimp!!!!

    I could continue for hours about the joys of wool. Suffice to say it is a most versatile natural, renewable fiber and has been used for centuries.
    Whats not to love?

  20. I love knitting with wool because it links us to past generations. Knitting is such an old art and when I think that people have been knitting with the same materials for hundreds of years making beautiful and lasting items it makes me feel a part of something bigger than myself.

    Once you knit wool…you will never go back to “plastic”!

  21. Wool is a wonderful, natural, sustainable resource with an amazing heritage for knitters. I love knitting with wool for all these reasons, but also because knitting with it makes me feel connected with generations of fiber artists who have worked with wool straight from sheering a sheep, spinning and dying the wool to producing a lovingly hand knit garmet to keep a loved one warm.

  22. I love knitting with wool because it feels so nice when I am knitting it and it looks so much better on the finished project. I also like the way it keeps me warm!

  23. Hanging out in a yarn shop is like being in a big warm envelope. When I buy wool, I sample it first – it’s feel on my cheek and in my hands, the mild animal smell of it. Yes….I always smell my wools! I love wool yarns the best because they seem to pick up the most beautiful and richest depths of color. There’s no other like them .When I knit and then machine felt what I’ve made, it goes from being simply pretty to absolutely exquisite. It’s not my technique that does this because I’m an advanced beginner only. It’s the wool that makes the prize

  24. I’d have to say that I love knitting with wool, because it just feels so natural. I love to touch and smell the wool and it let it tell me what it wants to be.. although sometimes the wool and I have conflicting opinions.. I’d like to think I am right, but usually the wool does really know what it should be. I am amazed at how wool can be different textures and colors yet still be calling my name over and over again.. Can you tell I am addicted?

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