How important are they? Family, work, friends ….

As I transition from retail to online, I find myself thinking of relationships developed over the years.

Family, of course. Being back in the home after twelve years, i’m remembering I just can’t drop what I’m doing with family and work. Nor can i drop what I’m working on to be with family. Discipline and setting hours are key. There will be exceptions, of course.

Work friends — and when your work is also you’re hobby — those friends are doubly important. How to maintain and build  those relationships when it’s no longer easy to be available regularly.  Clubs I used to frequent monthly are no longer. Hanging out at school events, not an option. Hmmmm.


This picture of Tom was taken in the car on the way to our store closing sale. He absolutely *loves* giving a deal and just look at that twinkle in his eye. What a great day we had visiting with everyone. Makes me wonder how I’m going to do without the store to go to, but then I remember the retail hours, deciding what to do when the weather is bad, and all the stress…. And I look forward to finding the next way to build those relationships I desperately need.

What about you? How do you strike a balance in relationships? How do you maintain contact and build friendships? What works? What doesn’t?

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