New Rhythm Colors

I wish I had a camera so I could get a pic of the box full of Rhythm Superwash.  We’ve just received the 10 new colors and they are lovely.  We have fully restocked all the original colors, as well.  Click here to see all the Rhythm Superwash colors. 

Lily Blanket

We’ve also got two new blanket patterns from JoJoland and both are so cool.  I am partial to the Lily Blanket , while Lea-Ann leans toward the Ninja Star Blanket.

Ninja Star Blanket

Both are knit with more two or more colors of the Rhythm, and both can be knit in one piece by picking up stitches from the finished square(s) to begin each new square.  Can I get a big WaaHoo for no seaming?  Click on the links above to see the project details for both blankets.

Sidenote:  I have felted my door mitten, but as I was ill for three days last week I haven’t had time to complete it.  I worked a bit on it this morning, but alas, I had to come  to work so couldn’t finish it.  I promise pics as soon as I’m done.

1 thought on “New Rhythm Colors”

  1. Don’t ya hate it when work gets in the way of knitting? Darn work! I think I like Lily also, I was eying the pattern in the new items selections and this was before you had put in the other pattern. Looks somewhat similar to the potholder pattern I got from the store years ago that I am currently making more of, but not sure exactly. Might have to have the store order me up some Jojoland Rhythm a full bags worth, as I waited to long and some of the color I need is already sold. Oh well such is life. Hope you feel better Susan and get to finish the door mitten. Kathy

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