More on . . . the Email overload

Oh, but did I mention that all of those that I was sorting through did not contain any, none, zip, nadda, junk mail?  Indeed Outlook 2003 has incredible junk mail filtering properties.  I do scan the junk mail folder though as some vendor/customer messages do come in there.

Anyways, the majority of the e-mails are vendor notifications of new products/discontinued/sales/special programs and customer inquiries.  I’ve sort them into: 1) A: KT Lea-Ann (this is for those who use my contact us on the website as I know they are legit and get first response); 2) A: Other follow-up (this is for notifications of things that need done by a certain time for example Ravelry ads; bills that need paid; deadlines for whatever; 3) C: Later  for example vendor news; list messages; new ideas to check out.  And there are subfolders within those categories so I can quickly find whatever 😉 . . . And now the FLAG system — oh how cool is that!

It would *really* help though if I ever get time at the store.  Haley sewed all day Sunday, all day Monday, and now this morning, Tuesday, the girls have a meeting at 10 and I won’t get to the store until noonish and need to leave right at 4 so we have more sewing time before Band practice tonight at 6:30.  Oh yes, I joined the community band with the girls, we call ourselves the three flutes.  Tom asked why I am taking the time since I have so much else to do . . . you know, this is just for me and my girls, no fiber or knitting thing involved, that’s why.  And, it feels good to take a break and focus on something different and refreshes me project-wise.  I finished the Ulmo Multi scarf the other day and have knit at least 10 rows in between sewing questions on the Filigree Lace Scarf.

What do you do to relax and refresh?

Enough blogging . . on my way to the next meeting!  Lea-Ann

1 thought on “More on . . . the Email overload”

  1. Relax and refresh- not blogging that’s for sure. Knitting most definitely. I do like t sit outside on my patio, early in the morning with a cup of coffee and a good book. It is amazing how peaceful the world is early in the morning.

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