LK150 Success Academy Launches January 1, 2020!

LK150 Success Academy Membership

Yes! You’ve read that right. Whether you are new or returning to using the LK150, ​start the new year learning how to master techniques on your machine. This interactive, Live, training is designed to make sure you have a thorough understanding of each technique presented and can apply it on other projects.   

  • Each month you will receive a new lesson (.pdf) delivered via email, 
  • along with a scheduled LIVE video demonstration and recorded archive,
  • as well as a virtual chat for each lesson. 

In addition (optional):

  • informal Q&A sessions will be held LIVE as needed,
  • additional challenges projects will be offered,
  • and bonus content will be provided. 

The lessons are designed to be completed in under an hour and the live additional content will be available as a recording so you can watch and re-watch at your convenience. Many of you have expressed an interest in attending our local monthly Bond Club meetings, and the Academy is designed to support you virtually in the same way. HURRY THOUGH because registration will close December 23 and is currently 50% off. We won’t be reopening registration until next year and the price will not be this low again EVER. By purchasing now, you lock in this extra low price. Join the monthly LK150 Success Academy now!

7 thoughts on “LK150 Success Academy Launches January 1, 2020!”

    1. Hi Sandra, yes, the price is per month and yes you can stop any time. If you choose to re-enroll at a future date though, the price would be whatever is the current rate then.

  1. I purchased lk 150 from you, how much is the class and can we work at our own speed. very busy with the January play right now.

    1. Hi Mary Beth, the Academy lessons are released monthly. Members can participate live if they wish, but there will also be an archive recording. There is also a handout for printing. All lessons, q&a, lives, and bonuses are delivered through our closed members-only area for the Academy on PorchTalk. The Academy is an introductory price of $14.95/month until December 23.

    2. Can you check your emails and see if you received the invitation to the “Get It Out Of the Box” course on porchtalk?

  2. Hi Lea-Ann, I am confused. I joined your site and LK150 Success academy. I might be missing something however I haven’t seen any class/instruction etc. Am I missing something or have you not done anything yet?

    1. Lea-Ann McGregor

      Hi June, I’ll doublecheck your are set up on the backend, but you should have received the link to the Academy in your Order Confirmation email. I’ll either email, call or message you in Porchtalk to make sure you get there. Lea-Ann

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