JOJOland Superwash Melody flying out the door

and its not the wind taking it!  Boy, isn’t the spring-like weather nice?  So, my DH Tom thinks I’m corrupting him, let me tell you, its the yarn clamoring to get out of the boxes.  It practically yells, “open me, open me” and then it yells “cast on, cast on!” and I don’t have the heart to yell back – “NO!  I have a top ten list and you aren’t on it!” So, here I am, ignoring everything else that needs done and enjoying knitting a new pattern and yarn for us, Jojoland Melody Superwash.  It is a variation of the mitered square and darn if I can remember the pattern name off-hand. Susan hasn’t had a chance to get the patterns online yet so i can’t even show you that way.  If you want to see the new jojoland yarn though, go to: Melody Superwash in Knitting Today-Yarn and check it out. I want to do the swirl shawl pattern also, and Penny has taken some to start a project off of Ravelry (hopefully she’ll add it to her project there). You *have* to stop in the store and pet this yarn. It is soooo soft and comes in wonderfully long colorways. — Lea-Ann

2 thoughts on “JOJOland Superwash Melody flying out the door”

  1. I did my share yesterday. I was only going to get 5 skeins for the Swirl pattern but ended up with an extra, just in case skein, for that and then found a couple colors that there were only 2 skeins left so I could not leave those, already have patterns for them. I ended up with 5 skeins extra so I helped some of the yarn fly out of the store. All this before it even made it onto the shelves, maybe leaving the yarn in the shipping box for a couple of days will make it fly out of the store sooner…

  2. I have knit before with this yarn and it is a dream.. I made a wave scarf and it was so pretty.. A great price also.. I can’t wait to see it..

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