hi, my name is Susan

and I’m a biblioholic.  Yesterday I made a reference to the absurd number of books populating my shelves.  And dresser tops.  And nightstands, and table tops and windowsills, and my children’s rooms.  And until I find  a better spot, my floor.  This past weekend I went to a delightful event at my favorite hometown bookstore in Kendallville-Summer’s Stories) and this is the result of that trip.


books, Books, BOOKS!!

I must confess that I had no idea how many books we had collected until Sunday when I finally unloaded the bags. I must also admit that this display doesn’t count the books that we are already reading, or the bag of books that my nephew took with him.  It also doesn’t count the book that my son accidentally stole- that I returned today.  I suppose that if I am confessing I should  go ahead and tell everyone that while I was there returning aforementioned book, I ordered another.  I can’t help myself.  I love getting lost in a good story. Getting to know the characters; cheering for the underdog, crying with the heartbroken, rejoicing when a wrong is righted. I love to read aloud to my kids and feel the words roll around in my mouth and drip off my lips like sweet, sticky honey.  I get a kick out of watching my kids’ faces as they react to an exciting, scary, funny or just plain silly part of the story.  I truly believe that books have a played a large part in the empathy and compassion, humor and intelligence that my children display.  So, there you have it.  My name is Susan and I am a proud biblioholic.

p.s.  please do not interpret this confession as a plea for help.  I do not require an intervention.  🙂


3 thoughts on “hi, my name is Susan”

    1. hmm… I seem to go in cycles, but I have a more difficult time resisting books. I am a huge library fan so I can borrow books for free, whereas yarn is a whole nother story. Not that I don’t have way too much yarn already…. 😉

  1. Lately I have been getting books on knitting. Where does this fit? Need help finding things to use all my yarn, so I get patterns. Unfortunately there appears to be an endless supply of both. DARN!

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