Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! I do love Thanksgiving. Its about the only time each year I get two days off in a row. I did work yesterday most of the day though simply because its been a hectic last couple of months and I’m behind on paperwork.

Good news on the twin grandbabies — Lukinda will be induced Monday! We’re so thankful she made it to 38 weeks and so far all looks healthy for those babies. I am so  blessed that I can bring Jacob to work with me for a few days to help them out. But boy, to think that Trent’s little family of three is exploding to five gives me goose bumps.

Other things I’m thankful for:

– Tara going to community college debt free and having two years to work side-by-side. Not easy all the time but recognizing each others strengths (and weaknesses) has helped both of us grow and given a whole new look and focus to the store. Its hard to believe next March well be our 20 year anniversary and it all started so I could work from home and stay with my baby. Now, Tara is a knitting maniac, always has her knitting with her, always planning the next several projects, even designing some now.

– Haley is a senior this year. Wow! She’s  looking at going in the Coast Guard. I pray that works out for her as she would be an excellent protector and rescuer. She finished a hat for a close friend yesterday! It only took a week to knit on size 2 needles. She’s not fooling me any longer. She can finish all those UFO projects struck in bags. She almost rivals me in the number!

– Tom! My provider, protector, cheerleader. he’s been using his time off to garage sale and sell things on ebay (icefisherman1) instead of knit. We have a goal to be debt free in three years so he can retire and work alongside me. I’m so glad we share interests and have a goal as we enter another phase of marriage. He’s getting the urge to start another sweater. It looks like he’s leaning toward Fair Isle.

– Knitting Today customers — that’s each and every one of you. What would I do without having someone pop in to gain inspiration, pick up supplies, and share their sorrows and joys? We exist because of you and I’m so thankful you chose Knitting Today to be your local yarn store. It seems so  simple just to say “thank you” but I mean it from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lea–Ann

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Lea-Ann, I have seen your family grow and mature into wonderful young people ready to take on the next phase of their lives so you and Tom have done an excellent job. I have enjoyed learning to knit from you and being able to improve on the skills that I learned while visiting the store and I sure miss it also. A strange anology but I associate your shop almost like I do my church in St. Louis. The church in St. Louis is where I grew up and married so it will always be my church and your store will always be my local yarn store no matter where I live. The other stores I visit I just visit but will never call my LYS. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    You’ll have to ask Tom about the crazy woman in Huntington that called him Mike on Tuesday. Tell him sorry, I was a little delirious with the flu!

  3. Lea-Ann, Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your growing family. It is such a blessing to have you available to teach, advise and encourage. Twenty years is a long time so you must know you have been doing quite a bit right. I will be thinking of all of you on Monday. Blessings

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