Gift #3 – oops! coupon not working

Darn it!  Is anyone having success using the Gifts2010 coupon?  I’m not.  I think when I enabled the buy 6 and one is half off, it overwrote the earlier coupon.  So, I promise to review every single order that is placed today and give the appropriate percent off on any products purchased.  I’ll respond with an email letting you know what the final charge will be prior to shipping.  And, if you happened to pay via paypal, we would refund the appropriate amount. 

So, onward to further testing and we’ll see if I can get any other coupons to work.  Check back later!  Sorry for the confusion . . . Lea-Ann

1 thought on “Gift #3 – oops! coupon not working”

  1. Sorry all the blog specials are not working out. I will call about my order later in the week. This logging in to comment gets me every time. Slowing down my commenting that is for sure. Hope the sale went okay even though there were a few hiccups.

    I got my package that was mailed out on Wed, boy that was quick. Off to knit some more.


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