The Boot Camp Trunk Show is on its way. The event starts Friday evening at our Monthly UFO Pizza Night, 6:30 (registration required, seats are limited). Call 260-351-2260 to register.

Throughout the week, we’ll have giveaways for sock patterns, door prizes, classes to get you started, and a special surprise ending the event on Saturday, January 19. More info to come . . . Lea-Ann

P.S. Post a comment with your favorite sock knitting pattern and yarn brand and we’ll pull a name out of the list on January 19 to win a free ball of Tofutsies sock yarn.

Added 1/8/2008:  The new colors of Tofutsies should be arriving on Monday, unfortunately.  I was hoping they would be here Saturday.  Look for an announcement here when they arrive.  The trunk show, however, is still on schedule to be here for Friday evening.

28 thoughts on “Boot Camp”

  1. I still enjoy the Monkey pattern and now know it by heart. It always comes out looking good no matter what yarn I use. Favorite sock yarn is difficult- there are so many that I like. Dream in Color- Smooshy, Shibui Knits, and really I do like Tofutsies for lite weight sock

  2. I’m still a relatively new knitter — would probably call myself an advanced beginner (is that an oxymoron or what?) — so I’ve only recently been allowing myself to attempt socks with more expensive yarn. But so far “Smooshy” and Mountain Colors Bearfoot have worked up nicely for me. I EAT a fair amount of tofu, so find the idea of it as socks quite fascinating.

  3. “Charlies Dragon Socks” from New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi is my latest favorite! This book will permanently change the way you think about sock construction- the simple sock becomes a true ceative adventure. Kudos to Bordhi who takes you on an adventure in seeing things from a different perspective.
    Smooshy Sock Yarn by Dream In Color made the perfect Dragon Socks!!

  4. I don’t have a favorite sock pattern yet. I’m going to try the Monkey socks next. Mostly I just do a basic sock (I do socks for the grandbabies most and they outgrow as fast as I can make them). I also don’t know that I have a favorite sock yarn as yet. I’m getting ready to use some Tofutsies. I’ve used sockotta, and regia and like both of them.

  5. The most favorite pair of socks I made was from the book Interweave Knits “Favorite Socks.” It’s the “Waving Lace” socks on page 104, knit with Tofutsies.

  6. I usually knit the basic sock Sockatta pattern from the store. I’ve knit it with lots of yarn. I think my favorite yarn is Supersock from Cherry Tree Hill. In the end I pick my yarn by color. I’m dying to know more about the sock boot camp!

  7. My favorite sock pattern is any from the book Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch there are all so easy to follow and come out beautifully. My fav yarn is a tough one but I really like Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.

  8. I must admit I haven’t tried socks yet. But I love koigu and, since I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, I love the look of knitty’s “Q” pattern.

  9. I have finished one adult pair of socks. Therefore my favorite sock pattern, based on completed product, has to be Lea-Ann’s pattern for Toe-Up Magic Loop Two at a Time. I have, in progress, several pairs of socks which I plan to finish this year. Finishing more socks is this years resolution. I do not have a favorite sock yarn, but I sure do like buying sock yarn. Does that count?

  10. Right now, due to being pregnant, I am going kinda gaga over baby socks/booties. I am really liking the Saartje’s Bootees and Bluebell Bootees the latter looks to me to more like socks. I have a tendency to fall in love with whatever I am working with and right now that is Tinsel Toes by The Unique Sheep and I love love love it.

  11. My favourite pattern is Pomatomus, though it’s also been the most frustrating pattern, because of all the KTBLs! Second favourite is the entrelac socks, but I’ve got to do them a little bigger next time. Favourite yarn brand so far: Opal 6 ply, because they’re so cushy when it’s cold in the house!

  12. Lucy Neatby’s “Mermaid Socks” from her book “Cool Socks for Warm Feet” knit with any printed yarn with bright contrasting colors. I’m looking forward to seeing sock yarns in bright spring colors (and winter has barely started!).

  13. I crochet and love the TOFUtsies sock yarn!!! At the moment my favorite sock pattern is Ribbed Hiker by Janet Rehfeldt from the book”Crocheted Sock!” by Janet Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood. The TOFUtsies is one of the easiest fibers I have had the pleasure to work with and the end results have come out of my washer and dryer looking great each time. I am in a TOFUtsies Sock Club for 2008 and can’t wait to see my treasure in the mail each time.

  14. My favorite pattern is Wild Kat – tofutsies 1st limited edition pattern that came out in June.
    My favorite yarn brand might have to be tofutsies (SWTC) because I haven’t really knit socks with any other brands… though I might have to soon just to see what else is available!

  15. My favorite yarn comes from Zen Garden — the Art Walk yarn, which is just delicious – and my favorite pattern so far is the Garter Rib from Sensational Socks.

  16. I really liked working with Tofutsies and Lana Grossa Meilenweit. Both feel great and have great colors. As for patterns: Charade by Sandra Park and 9to5 by Nicole Hinds.

  17. I haven´t made socks from any pattern yet, but I´d love to try something toe up with a short row heel. And since I´m in Sweden, I haven´t tried many of the sock yarns yet, mostly Regia, but I´m dying to try Yarn Pirate and STR – amazing colours!

  18. My favorite sock patterns are anything from “Sensational Knitted Socks” or “More Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch because of the hundreds of possibilities she presents to you from just a view basic patterns. These books could keep you busy for years! And the patterns can be made for any size foot with her directions.

    Favorite yarn I guess is Fabel from Garn Studios (German brand).

  19. I’m actually looking forward to making my first pair of socks soon. I’ll say Tofutsies are my fave sock yarn because I love the colors so much that I already own some and Monkeysocks are my favorite pattern because I’m looking forward to giving them a try once I have a few pairs under my belt.

  20. my favorite sock pattern is a beaded rib constructed toe up on 2 circs the “Crazy Toes & Heels” way and my favorite sock yarn (oy, i can’t just choose one here) is of course, tofutsies, or anything Meg from Twisted Fiber Arts decides to dye onto her ‘playful’ sock yarn base and i like the sock yarns from Rio de la Playa and Liisu leili too. i’m still waiting for a machine washable merino. nylon and alpaca (maybe a touch of silk thrown in for good measure) sock yarn to come out in a light sportweight…

  21. My favorite yarn is tofutsies, of course, and my favorite pattern is the Tabi Socks from “Not Just More Socks”. I love to wear flip flips and tofutsies yarn is tough so it stands up to sandals.

  22. My favorite sock pattern has to be Monkey. It is quick, easy to memorize and everyone that sees my socks loves the pattern. Yarn has to be Araucania Ranco Multi. The colors are amazing. I picked up a skein in my LYS and wanted to buy the whole shelf!

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