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Fixing the e-commerce ordering

I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to set up WooCommerce, Paypal, and other integrations on the e-commerce portion of the website. I finally have a product uploaded!!! Check it out under the SHOP link above. I even put links to the videos showing how to use it in the product description. Ignore the formatting (color, type, column width and placement) . . . take a look and let me know in the comments below what you think. What products would you like to see added? What categories should I have and place things under?

August 1 job: integrating weight-based shipping because who wants to be pay $6.50 for something that can be sent for $3.20???

Next Up: Finalize swatch of Stonehedge’s Superwash and decide if that’s the one for Fisher Lassie.

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Finishing up mystery yarn club, planning for new projects

fisher lassie

As I finish up deliveries of mystery yarn club 2016, I start thinking of the next big thing…. I always try and low-key projects that force me to learn and teach something new and different, but also something that is just easy knitting, and lastly something special and splurgy. Hmmm, so yes, three options coming up.

Fisher Lassie by Chic Knits
Fisher Lassie

1) Fisher Lassie by chic knits, a top down, the season cardigan with interesting yoke work and shawl collar. I might do a combined hand and lk150 version for myself, but the pattern is written for hand knitters. Here is my swatch so far.

Stonehedge superwash swatch

Initial swatch was too loose, on a size 8. Dropping to a HiyaHiya sharp 5 is just about right to gauge for me. Next step is to see how the yarn washes and blocks. The last thing I want is a ganset-style sweater that pills. This yarn, being superwash, I expect to hold up well. If it does, I want to order denim for my project. I love the pin-drafted colorways produced by this mill.

Beld by Chic Knits

2) Beld, also by chic knits (tried and true designs and patterns by Bonne Marie Burns). I’m thinking of using silky wool. Believe it or not, I have never knit a sweater out of it in all the years I’ve carried it. Now that I’m a little, urm, older, I think that mid-weight breathable yarn appeals to me.

3) Luxury yarn club, not a mystery or a surprise, but pre-order only. I’m thinking cashmere first, and we’ll go from there.

Of course, before I can launch any of these new ideas a few things need to happen:

1) finish stormy weather. I’m down to sewing in the ends, blocking and sewing in the zipper.

2) knit the marseille tee.

3) get on a regular schedule of content for the clubKnit members.

4) enable online ordering for the above projects and clubKnit lessons and classes.

Oh, I seem to be a fan of lists today…Happy knitting everyone! What are you interested in??


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planning and testing

I just figured out how to publish blog posts from my phone …. Fingers crossed! 

If this works, expect to hear more from me. Here’s a few pictures from our June meet-up. 

The last photo is Becky and the scarf from mystery yarn club 2016. The yarn is from Zombie yarns …. LORNA dyes again. Isn’t it lovely !

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the new digs

well, the website has officially moved for the first time since 2002!!! A little bit of culture shock here. The online shopping is currently offline. My beautiful welcome/landing page isn’t working properly. And I have to focus on pictures and images more . . . . stick with us!!

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Summer Tee Knitalong starting soon!

marsielle_shoulder marsielleReady for a new project?  I am! A quick one too. Shortly, you’ll be able to order the yarn pack for the Marseille Tee. It is a cap sleeve top with some garter accents at the waistline and a cute faux button top at the shoulders. Its made in a delightful yarn, Niya, which is 100% silk and has a subtle tweed look. While the original pattern is hand knit, I’ll be using the LK-150 to knit it, so will provide instructions for how to convert it to machine. There will be a choice of several colors available.

Interested? We’ll announce it via email first to our E-news and Ultimate Knitting Club subscribers. If you don’t receive the E-news, sign up here:

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Above and Beyond Customer Service: UPS

Excited!!!  See that big brown truck behind the red car? No, its not my wonderful husband Tom’s truck, its Mike my local driver.  Mike goes above and beyond my typical expectations of a delivery driver, not that Tom doesn’t either, but Mike’s actions affect me on a regular basis. What does he do? He takes time to text me when he delivers to the store. And then what was so special about today? With the wind chill at -12F? He delivers my package to my house. He said he didn’t want to see me have to get out in the wind chill if I didn’t need too. Awe! Bless his heart!! I love my UPS driver.

UPS DeliveryP.S. My postman is absolutely wonderful too!!!!  I’m very blessed! Now, lets see what I have here . . . . .


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Organizing Projects

How do you organize your projects? Bins, bags, fixtures?? I’m just starting to get a handle on some of my projects. By that I mean find them! I have boxes and boxes of UFOs, WIPs, and whatever the “wanna be” acronyms are.


For those curious, left to right, Donegal Tweed and ChicKnits Ribby cardi; Euroflax Linen in a great lakes colorway and Mother & Daughter Knits with Sally Melville the pattern is a classic shirt; Linen Concerto for Stormy Weather by MaryAnne Oger.  The Donegal Tweed and Euroflax Linen are from my initial stock of yarn when I opened the storefront in 2002. The Linen Concerto was one of the last yarns I stocked before closing the storefront in 2014.  I’ll likely machine knit all of these projects so follow the blog for updates on these and other machine knitting projects.

So, how am I organizing? I have several bins at home that I am going to sort my handknitting projects into. then I have these plastic buckets with lids that I’ll store my projects in at the studio (that’s my fancy name for the store now since I don’t have regular walk-in hours yet).

In the past, I’ve had over 30 projects on my list.  How many do you think I’ll end up with when I get done organizing??