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Blog Post Planning

Hi knitting friends, Knitting Time Well, it’s that time of year to start the fall knitting. I am desperately trying to keep my project list

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are you a cheerleader?

Join my squad!! I need some rah! Rah! and accountability help. I have a to-do list a mile long. Each day I pick something to

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Status Updates

Update: Current Three Priorities

Hello everyone, Just wanted to post a quick status update on the current three priorities. Priority 1: Knittingtoday.com e-commerce website. I’m currently working on getting

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Stormy weather bands

Join me live on periscope.tv today, June 29 @ 11est, for decision time. Is one pick up and bind off enough or do I need

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MYC2016-2: yarn now here!

The yarn has arrived for MYC2016, shipment 2, and I’ll be sending out the emails to arrange pickup or delivery. You will also be getting

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